Download Youtube Videos Without Software

by on February 25th, 2009

I have been using many softwares to download videos from youtube. Yet you can do it without needing any software. I came across a great resource for that. This is a little trick. You can download youtube videos in flv format directly without any software. Now a days many free premium quality flv players are available so we need not to be worried about to convert the format of the movie.

The trick behind that is really simple:
Suppose you are watching your favorite movie at youtube. You will see in the URL, following kind of link:

Copy that link. Open a new browser window. Past that link there and replace youtube word with voobys. Hit enter and you will get the direct link to download that movie.

In above case the link will become like this:

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  1. Pulghoo says:

    thanks for nice post.

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    nice post and good share , is providing very good service using YourTube API ,

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