Download YouTube HD Videos in MP4 Direct from Browser

by on April 8th, 2009

First of all you need to know that YouTube has High Definition, High Quality Videos at YouTube HD which is growing day by day. Everybody knows that people like to download videos what they like. Folks at YouTube know it. I wonder why they do not have a download button to save people from going at different websites and download their favorite movies from YouTube. There are many websites out there which allow you to download YouTube video in flv and mp4 format (if available). There is also a trick though, which is to create a bookmark link for triggering download. Whenever you browse YouTube HD video, you can just simply click that bookmark link to trigger direct download of that video in mp4 format.

This method works best for firefox. When you will click that bookmark link, it will search for HD video in mp4 format at the current page you are at and give u a direct download link asking you to save it. This method is very cool as it saves you from remembering 3rd party downloaders and such websites. You just browse HD video, you click bookmark link and there you go, download that HD video for your PC.

So how we do it?

The code:
Download HD Version

Copy the above code and create a new Bookmark yourself.

The Bookmark:

Download HD Version

You see above the link above? Well drag it to your browser’s bookmarks and drop it there. You are done. Next time browse any YouTube HD video, just click at that saved bookmark and the download will begin in HD mp4 format.

One Review

  1. mike says:

    i use to directly download from tube , its fast and easy