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by on January 6th, 2014

Words with Friends

Words with Friends can be called as the master of scrabble games. It completely dominates the other available games of this genre. Words with Friends is an addictive game which also plays a vital role in English vocabulary addition. Its fun to play, you have to think while playing it, you can play it with friends and you can make new friends and even start conversation while playing game.

The rules for this game are same as those for scrabble. It differs only in few aspects such as value of letter points and arrangement of bonus tiles etc.  Words with Friends allow us to play with thousands of online players and challenge them.

Unlike other scrabble games available in market Words with Friends also allows the player to chat with the opposite player. The score of the game goes to the player who plays the last tile.

Words with Friends is a free game and it is available for android, iOS and windows mobile. You need an internet connect in order to pass your move to the next player.

Words with Friends is a popular game and if you are curious to see what makes it this addictive and remarkable, you need to try it yourself.


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