Download WordPress for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android

by on February 14th, 2010

The desktop computers are the best choice for working with internet, blogging and more. That’s for me. Many people prefer to use their laptops and they are quite comfortable with working with those sleek PCs. There is one problem with the laptops. They are not heavy duty. They are not fully loaded. A standalone desktop computer can be fully loaded with all the software you use and yet its customizable as when you need more memory, you just grab more RAM and put in it. Many geeks use internet or even blog using their cell phone devices. Sometimes you just can’t access to your PC directly in case when you are traveling and yet you need to post at your blog or reply to comments and get updated about the progress of your blog. In this case now there are many apps for blogging platforms which allow you to use your favorite blogging platform right from your mobile phone device. Well if you have got iPhone, BlackBerry or Android, then you should definitely read on.

Download WordPress for iPhone

WordPress for iPhone 2.2 is available for download which allows users to use WordPress at iPhone device.

Download WordPress for iPhone
WordPress for iPhone Home

Download WordPress for BlackBerry

WordPress app for BlackBerry is available in free and allows BlackBerry users to write posts, upload photos and videos, edit pages, and manage comments and more using their BlackBerry mobile device. Install WordPress on your BlackBerry and start blogging right from your favorite cell.

Download WordPress for BlackBerry 1.0

Download WordPress for Android

Got Android and love to blog using WordPress? WordPress app is available for free for Android devices which allows you to configure and manage multiple blogs, comment moderation, reply to comments, create, and edit posts, categories, tags and photos, create and edit pages, notifications for newly received comments in Android notification bar right from your Android.

Download WordPress for Android 1.0