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by on March 30th, 2009


Windows Vista can be tricky to optimize for best performance after Windows Xp. In Windows Vista, there are a lot of modifications for panels and components. Customization, manual tweaking, registry tweaks may result in performance problems, security risks or system crash. Developers usually try to optimize OS for best performance rather then look and feel. Tweak Windows Vista’s services in an easy and a safe way with Windows Vista Optimizer.

Due to heavy graphical UI and lots of advanced services Windows Vista tends to go slow at normal PCs. These running processes also take much system memory (RAM) and CPU power resulting in high resources consumption. Vista Services Optimizer is a free and perfect tweaking utility that can improve your Windows Vista Performance and security with a simple mouse click, by tweaking Windows services in an automatic and a very safe way. Vista Services Optimizer provides you with detailed information about certain services and enables you to query some services information using Google or Yahoo search engine to help you identify some of Windows services function. Vista Services Optimizer can inspect your system performance and security status according to your current Windows services configurations and the way you use your computer, and give you report about the optimized and unoptimized services.

Some Features
  • Tweak It Easily
  • Tweak It Safely
  • Automatic Optimizations
  • Stopping and disabling unwanted Windows services
  • Manual Optimizations
  • Manual TuneUp to optimize Windows Vista services
  • Services Diagnostics
  • Services Profiles
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Home/Ultimate/Business Edition with Service Pack 1 on 32 or 64 bit processors.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 with Service Pack 1

License: Freeware (GNU General Public License)
File Name: vso_11422.msi
File Size: 1.85 MB
Platform: Microsoft Windows Vista 32/64bit
Category: Performance Management Software

Download Windows Vista Optimizer

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