Download Windows Updates with Ease – Windows Updates Downloader

by on November 3rd, 2009


Usually Windows Updates runs in the background whenever you go online and updates different services of Windows and fix security issues and of course tells you whether you are using a licensed copy of Windows or a pirated copy and smack your desktop with a sticker labeled as thief. The thing is, you do not know what is being updated and you do not have control over it. WUD is a software that lets you know about the updates and let you choose from the list to install what you want. Running Windows XP, Vista or Win7? Use this utility for update process.

Windows Updates Downloader allows you to download all of the current Windows Updates using a simple interface. All of the updates are contained in Update Lists (ULs) which allows you to choose which updates you want for which version of Windows. Once WUD has complete it’s downloads, you simply integrate them into your Windows source using one of the many popular tools such as nLite (Windows Installation Customizer). The Update Lists (ULs) contain the necessary list of updates for each of the versions of Windows listed below.

Download WUD

Download WUD
Necessary Windows Updates Lists Including Service Packs for XP and Vista