Download Full Windows 8 – 100 License Keys Giveaway

by on April 1st, 2011

Download full Microsoft Windows 8. You have to comment this post to get full Microsoft Windows 8. Lucky winners will be notified via email so provide email address that you use frequently. We will provide 100 Windows 8 license keys to first 100 lucky users who will comment this post. Go ahead and win full registered Windows 8 license key for free.

April Fools EveryOne

Windows 8 has to be released yet guys! Do not trust any news that appears on 1 April on the web or anywhere… :)

Check back for Windows 8 Giveaways after Windows 8 will be released. We plan to giveaway Microsoft Windows 8 to our valuable users as soon as its released. You can subscribe to TechMynd’s newsletter for updates.

2 Reviews

  1. Felix Jen says:

    Windows 7 was meh…
    windows 9 is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wahyu Adhi M. says:

    Windows 8? wow! I’m now using Windows 7, and it’s was amazing! so, I’ll very anthusiast to get a Windows 8…..