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by on April 23rd, 2009


Well you use Windows until some virus hits the OS and things begin to crash and finally you have to re-install the damn windows again. You ask yourself, “Heck, I had an antivirus software too which could not defend my PC against viruses either”. Average user re-installs windows once in a month. Expert user will re-install windows after 4 to 6 months due to inevitable viruses/malware/adware/trojans attacks.

Have you heard anybody using Linux complaining about viruses? Less people are using Linux, so less people are creating viruses for Linux or not at all. Or may be these are Linux users, who are creating viruses for windows users! Anyways Linux is virus free. I know, I know, Linux is a D3vil – tough to master – not for average users. I am not suggesting you to switch to Linux. Still we got a solution for everybody. Its Linux + Windows.
Yep! Meet Linux-XP. An operating system that everybody can use, withOUT viruses.


Linux XP Desktop 2008 is a modern operating system for users, who want to take Linux advantages on the desktop, still having comfort and not spending time on learning how to use new system. The product is based on opensource software. It is as Microsoft Windows compatible as it is possible in Linux. Linux XP Desktop combines Lnux productivity and security with Microsoft Windows usability. Linux XP Desktop – much more then a operating system. It has a complete and ready to work set of applications to create your modern workplace.


Stay Safe From Viruses

Operating systems can become very complex with threats like spam, viruses and other vulnerabilities within them. Linux XP Desktop is very simple, very reliable and secure. It will give you back your computer and will create new possibilities for you.

We generally get virus by e-mail, USB drive, Internet browser via some malicious site. This is how you gonna stay safe in any way using Linux-Xp.

  • If you get e-mail with virus attachment you can’t click and run it.
  • If you browse websites, no spyware could be installed by your browser.
  • If you get MS Office document with virus from somethere, you can’t execute the virus.
  • Linux and it’s applications don’t understand virus code for Windows.

Microsoft-related people will tell you about tens of terrible Linux viruses. But what’s really interesting, you hardly can read or hear something about neither attacks nor epidemics related to even one of such viruses. If you don’t work as superuser (“root”) in your Linux system, getting access to your system is almost impossible for virus. Linux system is extremely stable and reliable. Problem with viruses will be absolutely the least problem you will face to in Linux.


  • Windows-like interface:
    The graphic interface of the system is quite functional, and comparable with Microsoft Windows graphic interface. Panels organization, menu functions, special adjustments of Nautilus file manager will make your work comfortable and effective.
  • 3D Desktop:
    You can turn on 3D-desktop, with various graphic effects which will make your desktop unique.
  • Advanced Control Panel:
    Management of all basic functions is accessible in the uniform Control panel. You don’t need to reflect on all features of system. All adjustments are concentrated in the Control panel. Adjustment utilities have intuitively clear interface. Many utilities in the interface it is as much as possible approached to similar utilities in Windows.
  • Simple file system:
    For convenience of users all Linux catalogues in our system are hidden. The user working in Nautilus file manager, will see only four basic catalogues in the root of file system, with home folders in one of them.
  • Migrator:
    Windows Migration Tool which is included into the system will allow you to transfer your personal data in a simple and convenient way form Windows to Linux XP. Windows Migration allows to transfer e-mail, browser bookmarks, ICQ/MSN adjustments, documents and others.
  • Advanced network functions:
    You can easy share your file folders on the local network by three mouse click. Also they offer wizard for easy Active Directory integration for corporate users. It is linux integration service (LIS) client embedded in Linux XP Desktop. LIS allow object’s properties and security elements management from Active Directory.
  • Easy installation:
    The installation procedure of the system is simplified as much as possible and accessible even to non-expirienced users. The installation consists of 6 basic stages. Installer also contains expanded functions for the advanced users. In particular, during the installation of system you can redistribute space on your hard disk and change the sizes of existing partitions.
  • Full NTFS filesystem support:
    Linux XP Desktop 2008 includes the driver ntfs-3g, providing operations of reading/record on NTFS partintions. All local file systems are automatically mounted at loading system and become accessible to users Linux XP.
  • Easy program installation:
    Ultrafast and stable package manager.

  • Advanced security functions:
    Create special crypto-folders which contents will be encrypted with your password. By means of this function you can additionally protect the confidential data on desktop computers and notebooks from unauthorized access.
  • Support of all modern formats of file:
    Archiever supports rar and zip-files – OpenOffice with support for both OOXML and ODF file formats – Support for all multimedia files (mp3, dvd, vma, etc.)
  • Virtualization
    Want to switch to another operating system? It is simple – just install it in a single window and use it right in Linux-XP.

More over you can play games, do your development tasks, install windows softwares, enjoy multimedia center, use office program, edit audio/video, burn CD/DVD and much more. Its effective and productive alternative of windows, for those users who want to use windows in a virus free environment or for those users who use windows but want to use Linux also.

If you already have experience with Windows and want to quickly access all the advantages of a Linux desktop environment in your everyday work, Linux XP Desktop is the best choice for you. The main idea of Linux XP Desktop is to easily combine the best features of Linux and Windows.

  • Easy install and run Windows applications.
  • Work in Active directory and Windows NT domains, Windows workgroups.
  • Used as a small workgroup file server with sharing your folders and data in Windows networks to other users.
  • Logon to remote Windows desktops or servers in text or graphic mode via terminal programs.
  • Read and write NTFS and FAT16/32 filesystems.
  • Use secure Microsoft Virtual Private Network connections.

*** In short its complete windows with Linux protection. ***
*** or Linux in Windows flavor. ***
*** Sounds like ‘Linux protecting Windows’, to me ***

Anyways still good. Wanna use it? Here you go.

Download Linux-XP OS

FTP Download Area
International Edition Direct Download
Linux XP Desktop Download Page
Linux XP Server Download Page

Linux-XP Desktop Website

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    hey can anyone tel me how to install it? can i install it without a CD by log in a Windows operating system? its same way install and windows xp that cann’t be installed without bootable CD>???

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    Wow, dont like windows i see. only morons need to reinstall windows. And linux is useless!