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by on April 25th, 2009

USB is the major source of propagation of viruses and malwares now a days. When a USB is plugged in to a system, it tries to open up immediately and malwares or viruses present in PC make their way into USB. This way malwares spread quickly and easily. In this case to protect your computer by opening USB drive to propagate malware/viruses automatically into it, you can use this software to enable or disable write protection for USB. When the write protection is enabled no virus of any file can be copied automatically or intentionally into your USB drive. You can choose to decide what to do after you plug in your USB drive. You can copy its contents into the system, but can not copy anything form PC to USB drive

The utility is very small with two options. Enable or disable write protection. Very useful specially when you have to copy data to another PC and want to save USB from being infected from any other PC.

Download USB Protect

Download USB Protect (470 kb)

2 Reviews

  1. Tech Guy says:

    This program seemed to be a good idea when I heard about it, but after using it I’ve discovered its flaw. like the above comment, Usbwriteprotect does not work on machines it had not been ran on previously, AND (here it comes) it alters the registry entry for writing to usb devices in which it was activated. meaning if you use it on a certain computer and do not turn it off or forget that you used it, every usb pendrive/cdrom/floppy/device will be write-protected until the program is used again or the registry is modified manually. this can cause headaches trying to figure out “well my drive worked in my laptop why isn’t it working here…” and being the person who forgot and deleted the program cause you thought it didn’t work you say… “I don’t know, maybe its a virus or something.” Nope. it Usbwriteprotect. download it again, and swtich it off. then everything will work again. cheers!

  2. Jun says:

    This does not work. when you transfer the ‘write-protected’ USB to another PC, it is no longer write protected. files can be copied, modified or deleted. it works on the PC where you install the software, but does not protect the USB when used in another PC.