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by on January 6th, 2014

unblock lite

Unblock Lite is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. The goal in Unblock Lite is to free the red block by moving other blocks from its way. The player slides the tiles in order to make way for red block. Unblock Lite includes four different levels which are Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert. There are 4200 puzzles present in Unblock Lite. These many levels can keep the player busy and challenged for hours.

Unblock Lite has two modes:

  • Relax Mode
  • Challenge Mode

There is a ranking system provided in the form of stars which keeps the player challenged. You can also keep track of all the puzzles you have solved.  There is also a hint system, including three hints in total which player can use on any level. The player can also undo his moves. The player can unlock achievements by clearing more and more levels. Cool sound effects has also been provided.

Unblock Lite can keep you busy and your mind challenged for hours. It’s one of best games for brain exercise.


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