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by on January 15th, 2014

Make your Android phone feel brand new with a smarter, more personal home-screen in single click. Android theme forums are crammed with people showing off their custom designed home screens. These are among the most popular threads and ability to customize is the most admired thing about Android. The difficulty that occurs to anyone who tries to apply themes is that it is complicated and time taking. It is extremely frustrating to get everything just right depending on your device and resolution.

The app Themer beta allows the users to apply themes in just a single click. It organizes your apps and information in a helpful and easy way. Moreover, it makes your phone latest and smarter by different categories that auto categorize your applications.

Themer beta makes your phone feel brand new and look instantly remarkable. It makes your apps and information easier and simple to find and launch. Moreover, it is an incredible new way to theme your phone. It provides you a number of features that allows more versatility in themes.


  • All themes are customizable.
  • All themes are free of cost.
  • Dozens of themes are available like hello kitty, batman, breaking bad, nature, super Mario, star trek, space and many more.
  • Themer actions learn your application preferences.
  • Easily go back to your previous home screen.


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