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by on April 9th, 2009


Download free game – The Jungle Book. Here is my top favorite game. Doesn’t matter how old it is. It is my all time favorite game. I just love it. Music, scenes, stages, simulation, adventure, fun packed marvelous game. Highly highly addictive and pure fun. Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, Shere Khan, Kaa, King Louie, Winifred, Colonel Hathi, Flaps, Akela, Shanti, Tabaqui, Nagaina, Raksha and all other characters relating to the Jungle Book Adventure are great.

Keys: Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Space bar
File Type: Installable, exe
Size: 1.85 MB

Download The Jungle Book

Download The Jungle Book

12 Reviews

  1. yusuf says:

    nice adventure games

  2. Chasca says:

    Thank you so much! I played this to death when I was a kid and I am enjoying it now as much as I did back then ^____^

  3. shourabh shukla says:

    i m so happy 2 play my mogli game thanks alot 2u 4r this…

  4. sanjusaini says:

    i want to play this game

  5. Hiroshi says:

    @sagar: I am fine thank you. Use contact page to ask hows and helloz buddy. This is a game post. Did you like ‘the jungle book’ game?

  6. sagar says:

    how are you

  7. anna says:

    Thank you , thank you, thank you!

  8. Maddy says:

    Hi, Is it possible to have Aladdin games on this site, Thanks….in advance.

  9. Lasantha says:

    2day every thing depend on money. but ur web is not like others no time wasting and give what we want. so thank u very much …

  10. SAMEERA says:

    i was also searching for this game n i m happy now coz its also my favourite game, thank you

  11. sunny says:

    very better games