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by on February 24th, 2010

A superb sideways scrolling shoot-em-up for one to four players set in America’s Wild West. Four sharpshooter bounty hunters (Steve, Billy, Bob and Cormano) set out to claim the bounties given for killing the most wanted outlaws in the West. The ultimate aim is to survive long enough to reach the final showdown against Sir Richard de la Rose.

Sunset Riders is an incredibly playable game featuring colourful and well-drawn graphics, with a number of humorous visual jokes keeping players entertained. The side-scrolling action takes place both on foot and on horseback, with the action sometimes broken up with a wild west pursuit; such as having to run along the backs of a herd of fleeing Buffalo. Each level ends with players entering a one-on-one battle against one of the wanted men they have been pursuing. Weapon power-ups can be found and collected to help players in their quest.

Sunset Riders is a side-scrolling run-and-gun style shoot-’em-up released by Konami as a coin-operated video game in 1991. The game is set during the American Old West, where the player takes control of a bounty hunter who is seeking the rewards offered for various criminals. The coin-op version was released in two variants: a 2-player version and a 4-player version.

The player can play as one of four bounty hunters: Steve and Billy are armed with peacemakers (for faster shots), while Bob and Cormano both use riot guns (for wider shots). In the 2-player version, each player can choose the character they want to control before starting the game, while in the 4-player version the characters are pre-assigned based on the order of the players.

The game’s controls consist of an eight-way joystick for moving the character and two buttons for shooting and jumping. The player’s gun has unlimited ammunition and can shoot forwards and upwards while the player is standing or jumping. The player can jump between different floors when possible by holding the joystick up or down while pressing Jump. During the upper levels, the player can shoot downwards (diagonally or vertically) while crouching (whereas on the ground level, the player can only shoot forwards while crouching). The player can also slide by holding the joystick downwards diagonally while pressing Jump.

Two badge-shaped power-ups can be obtained by defeating sack-carrying enemies: the Silver Badge grants the player a second gun, allowing their character to shoot at two directions at the same time; while the Gold Badge allows the player to fire continuously with the shoot button press down. Both power-ups can be used together. The other two items includes gold dust piles and roasted chickens, which will provide the player with additional points. The player can also find power-ups by entering certain buildings as well. Certain enemies will also throw dynamite sticks at the player, which can be picked up with the shoot button and tossed back at them. The player loses a life every time they get hit by the enemy, along with any power-ups they may had been wielding.

The game consists of eight stages. The objective is to reach the end of each stage and defeat the outlaw awaiting at the end in order to collect the bounty offered for the boss. The further the player progresses through the game, the greater the bounties will become If more than one player is playing, the player who attacks the boss the most will get the bounty at the end. Some stages feature segments where the character is riding on a horseback. In addition to the regular stages, there are also bonus stages set from a first-person perspective where the player must shoot at enemies coming from eight directions.

How to Play

Run techmynd.exe
Click Available at the left side for available games
Press F5 to refresh
Select and Run ‘Sunset Riders’ there
Type ok if asked
Press 5 for coins couple of times
1 to start
Keys: Ctrl, Alt, Enter, P

File size: 8.68 MB

Download Sunset Riders Game

Download Sunset Riders Game

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