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by on January 6th, 2014

subway surfers

Subway Surfers is a running game on the pattern of Temple Run. It includes tricks, dodges and collection of coins. Despite of being formed at pattern of Temple Run this game has its own charms for its simplicity and less complication. This game is available for all smart phones.

In Subway Surfers the player runs to dodge the oncoming trains and dashes as fast as possible.
Like Temple Run this game is tricky and all about escape from obstacles on way. During the game the player has to dodge the inspector with his dog.

Subway Surfers also includes a mystery box which can be found on way as well can be purchased from market. This game is less complicated and more fun. It’s simple with great graphics and good background voices. Subway Surfers is enjoyable enough with plenty of replay values.


Unlike Temple Run, Subway Surfers include better cartoon visuals which are not muted. The player grinds the oncoming trains with his cool crew. Subway Surfers can also be played by challenging online friends. In other feature Subway Surfers includes hover board surfing, painting power jetpack and fast swiping acrobatics.

Subway Surfers has colorful, HD graphics which makes it more attractive. Though most of the features of this game are borrowed from Temple Run but still it’s worth giving a try.


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