Download Songs from GrooveShark Directly

by on April 13th, 2010

Oh! I like Google… I did not know that it would be that easy and simple until yet. I am doing it right now. And its easy. You can download high quality songs in mp3 format from Grooveshark free directly really easily.

You will need Google Chrome Browser and Internet Download manager (IDM).

Open Grooveshark in Google Chrome Browser. Open Internet Download manager (IDM) Load your play list in Grooveshark or add songs in playlist and click any song to play it. Make sure the IDM is on and its set to download mp3 files.

Configure IDM to download MP3 Files

IDM -> Downloads -> Options -> File Types

Make sure there is mp3 in the list. If not add mp3 along with other file extensions. These are all file extensions without dot. Got it? See image below.

Can you see the songs along with IDM which I have downloaded just now from Grooveshark.

The trick is to open IDM with mp3 download settings and play any song in Grooveshark using ‘Google Chrome’ and there you go.

The song will not play, it will throw mp3 to IDM which detects it and starts downloading. You can search Gooveshark for any song literally, in high quality. This means that by using this method you can download any of your favorite song right from Grooveshark in free, without going to amazon or iTunes.