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by on April 9th, 2009

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Download Snow Bros free game. The game is also called as Snow Brothers. Two snow men Nick and Tom set out at a journey, fight monsters for freedom of two princesses. Highly addictive game.

How to Play Snow Bros

Keys: Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Space bar
File Type: Installable, exe

Download Snow Bros

Download Snow Bros (Size: 925 kb)

Download Snow Bros – Sega Genesis Emulator Version

Snow Bros is also available in Sega Genesis Emulator Version with more then 60 levels. In first 50 levels snow men release princesses, in other next levels princesses release snow men from clutches of evil witch.

Snow Bros Keys and Controls

Start Button = Enter
Button 1 = A
Button 2 = S
Button 3 = D
Button 4 = Z
Button 5 = X
Button 6 = C
alt+enter for full screen

How to Play Snow Bros

– Click play 1.exe
– Click File > open rom
– Browse GAMES folder
– select game
– press enter
– set sound enable
– set keys from options

File Type: Emulator, zip
Size: 0.98 MB

Download Snow Bros Emulator Version

Download Snow Bros emulator version

Archive is locked. password is

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41 Reviews

  1. Amol says:

    I was looking for this Game from 4 Years

  2. rakesh says:

    i played this game 14 yrs ago in shalimar bagh Delhi……good to feel ….

  3. asim14843 says:

    thanks for this game

  4. asad says:

    very Good games.

  5. waqas says:

    good game

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  7. ali says:

    sooooo goooooooood

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  9. WAJEEHA says:


  10. azam says:

    i love this game

  11. roshan says:

    he thanx bro…. i love this game:)

  12. iqra says:

    mmmmmmmmm superbb game i jst lov dis game

  13. Hiroshi says:

    @danyal: Just click the download link and after you are done downloading, give it password and uncompress it using winrar or winzip.

  14. danyal says:

    someone tell me how i download this game?i m looking for this game from 3 years.plzzzz tell me.

  15. Busy says:

    I Download file
    Install it.
    Then I play any game from left Side It Loading & Then Error message amperes.
    It Says ” Some Files were missing”
    Please help me to Play Games ..How.Thanks

  16. tauqeer says:

    i love this game

  17. Hiroshi says:

    @Nasir: Password is:

  18. Nasir says:

    @Hiroshi: plz let me know what’s the password for unzipping the file!

  19. mohd Ammarf says:

    very very good website

  20. Hiroshi says:

    @Ammar: Please can you tell me did you install the MAME at MAC OSX. And cn you find the directories it gave you after installation. Is there a directory ROM there?

  21. Ammar says:

    G , Day Hiroshi,
    I download both MAc OSX and Snow Bros in Rom File But how i Would Play this Game in MAc OSX…?
    How I Copied this game in MAc OSX…?

  22. Hiroshi says:

    @Ammar: Now that’s interesting. Dear, for Games there is no OS like Windows. You can play these games using mame emulator. For Apple MAC OSX there is mame emulator version too.
    Go to that link and download > install mame for MAC OSX and hopefully you can play these all games at MAC too. Download Snow Bros ROM file and put it in mame emulator. There you go. Hope it helps.

  23. Ammar says:

    Any one please tell Me how i Would download this Game in MAc. And how i would change the Fire And jump Button.

  24. rashid says:

    exelent game

  25. bobi says:

    i was crazy to have and play this game from so long thanx to provide me this great game

  26. Rizwan says:

    this site is excellent to use..

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    this site is excellent i like it

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    excellent site

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    excellent games

  30. jozie says:

    i played this game 12yrs ago……good to feel young again….


  31. Jeryll says:

    thank yah.. for this game..

  32. ADIL RAZA says:

    I just love thise game

  33. aneel says:

    i want this game

  34. naru says:

    good game

  35. priyanka says:

    This game, i waited for so long…thanx

  36. mughal says:

    Hi This is my best game and my brothers thanks a lot of

  37. Hiroshi says:

    @Krishanu: Welcome. @shehzad: Thanks bro.

  38. shehzad says:

    great games and awesome website

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    games are very special thing ma life

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    I was looking fior this game from past three years