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by on March 19th, 2010

snow bros 2, download snow bros 2

Snow Bros or Snow Brothers (Nick and Tom) is an arcade game. Some people call it chichi michi in some parts of the world. It is a platform game similar in gameplay to Bubble Bobble. A Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) port by Capcom was released in 1991. Amiga and Atari ST versions of the game were completed in 1991, but were not released by the publisher Ocean Software. The original master copy of the Amiga version was found in 2006, and the disk image has been distributed online. A Sega Genesis version released by Tengen in 1993 included additional levels, new background music in some stages, and cut scenes not found in the arcade version. Download Snow Brothers 2 (Snow Bros 2 – Otenki Paradise) with new elves.

snow bros 2, snow brothers 2

snow bros 2, snow brothers 2

snow bros 2, snow brothers 2

snow bros 2, snow brothers 2

How to Play Snow Bros

Run mamepgui.exe
Click Available at the left side for available games
Press F5 to refresh
Run ‘Snowbros 2’ there
Type ok if asked
Press Enter
Press 5 for coins couple of times
1 to start
Keys: A, S, D, Z, X, C, Enter, P

File size: 17.7 MB

Download Snow Bros 2 Game Free

Download Snow Bros 2

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  1. awais says:

    what a game friend……………………………
    you can enjoy by playing this fantastic game

  2. flacodf says:

    Thank you so much!!! I’ve been looking for this game for years!!! It reminds me of my childhood, I used to play it back in Mexico, great game!!!

  3. aman says:

    its good