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by on December 6th, 2009

Okay! This one is my most favorite game. Very favorite. I like Ninjas. Download free arcade game – Shinobi.

Shinobi is an arcade game, developed and published by Sega. Shinobi is about a ninja named Joe Musashi who has to stop a criminal organization called “Zeed” who are kidnapping the children of the Oboro clan. Through five missions of increasing difficulty, Musashi must make his way to Zeed’s headquarters and free all the hostages before confronting Zeed’s leaders known as “Ring of Five”, which are formidable enemies on their own. “Ring of Five” are the bosses at the end of each level. Below is the list of them.

Ken Oh – A gigantic samurai-like wizard who can throw fireballs.
Black Turtle – A leader who is piloting or aboard an attack helicopter.
Mandara – A Hinduistic guru who is, in fact, cyborg (probably a brain residing in a wall-covering machine).
Lobster – A large samurai with a V-shaped symbol on his head who wields a sword.
Masked Ninja – The main leader of Zeed and the last boss, he is a powerful ninja with vast magical and physical powers.

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The five missions in the game are each three or four stages long. Anywhere from 2-9 hostages are being held in each stage; Joe must rescue all of them before he is allowed to finish the stage. The last stage in each mission has no hostages, but instead features a powerful boss character whom Joe must defeat. After completing each of the first four missions the player is taken to a bonus stage, where he can earn an extra life if he is able to kill all of the ninjas jumping towards him. Completing the fifth mission ends the game. Also, once the fifth mission begins, continues are no longer allowed; the player has to finish the game with however many lives he has left at that point. If the player earns a place on the high score board, the number of credits it took him to get that score is displayed along with his score.

Joe’s standard weapons are an unlimited supply of throwing stars, along with punches and kicks when attacking at close range. One hostage per stage gives him a power-up. When powered-up, his throwing stars are replaced by a gun that fires large, explosive bullets, and his close-range attack becomes a katana slash. Joe can also perform “ninja magic,” which may be used only once per stage and kills (or damages, in the case of bosses) all enemies on the screen.

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At the end of each stage, the player receives score bonuses based on performance. Completing the stage without using ninja magic earns the player a 5,000 point bonus (except during mission five), and completing the stage without using any throwing stars or bullets (just punches, kicks, sword slashes, and/or ninja magic) earns the player a 20,000 point bonus (including in the final mission). The player has three minutes to complete each stage; remaining time at the end of the stage is also converted to bonus points and added to the player’s score. Expert Shinobi players often challenged themselves to see how many stages they could pass with both the “no stars” and “no ninja magic” bonuses. It is possible to beat the game on one quarter in this way with a final score of over 700,000 points; the final score for someone who completes the game on one quarter without trying for those bonuses would be in the neighborhood of 250,000 points. It is also possible for the player to manipulate the points received for rescuing each hostage based on his/her current score. A player will receive 1,000 points for a hostage if the hundreds digit of their score is 0,1 or 2. A player receives 500 points for a hostage if the hundreds digit of their score is 3,4,5, or 6. Players receive 200 points if the hundreds digit of their score is 7,8 or 9. The hostage that grants a power-up does not give a points bonus.

The bosses on missions 1 through 4 can be defeated without shooting or throwing stars, granting the player the 20,000 points bonus for each. It is very difficult to do this on bosses 2-4, but with patience, it can be done.
The boss on mission 5 (Masked Ninja) can also be defeated exclusively with close range attacks but no points bonus beyond the standard time bonus/end of game bonus is awarded.

Since most enemies appear in the same place on each level, it is possible to master the game by memorizing their locations and devising patterns to defeat them. [more]

How to play

Run techmynd.exe
Click Available at the left side for available games
Press F5 to refresh
Run Shinobi there
Press 5 for coins couple of times
1 to start
P for Pause
Keys: A,S,D
A: Fire
S: Jump
D: Special Power

File size: 5.75 MB

Download Shinobi

Download Shinobi
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  1. Hiroshi says:

    @Lucky: Alright, open the mame32 > options > default options > advanced > In Resolution > Size > Select resolution for the game. That’s it.
    Right click game in the mame32 > properties > advanced > Resolution > Size > Select your required resolution
    Hope it helps

  2. Lucky says:

    hi, its been a long tme since i left any comments here i just wanna ask how can i adjust screen size since i dont wanna play it in full screen any help pleaseeeeee.


  3. Hiroshi says:

    @naveed: Hmm, NFS 2 SE will run sometimes and sometimes not. Thats just weird problem with that. I know this for sure though that if you install a fresh copy of Windows, it will surely run. I know this is funny.

  4. naveed says:

    i also downloaded need for speed 2 but it does,nt start
    the desired file ( NFS2SEn.EXE ) dont reply when i open it
    please tell me briefly about this problem.

  5. naveed says:

    will you please tell me the password of .rar
    i want to play carrier air wing.