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by on February 9th, 2010

Sengoku is a series of beat ’em ups by SNK for the Neo-Geo. The original name of this game is Sengoku Denshou that means “Civil War Tradition” in Japanese. Download NeoGeo Sengoku Game.

The game involve the undead forces of feudal Japanese warriors attacking the protagonists.

The player could play as a ninja or a Western cowboy. In the game, the player can gain powerups so that the player can change into more powerful forms, such as a samurai-like being, an armor-clad wolf, or a more traditionally-themed ninja to attack the opposing forces of the undead. Power ups in the form of different colored orbs included being able to wield one katana (red orb), a pair of katanas (blue orb), a broadsword (purple orb), or to launch an energy-based attack (yellow orb).

How to Play

Run WinKawaks.exe
File -> Load game
Select The Game
Hit ok
Press F3 couple of time for coins
F1 to start
Keys: A,S,D,F,Q,W,E,R,T

File size: 3.98 MB

Download Sengoku Game

Download Sengoku Game

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