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by on December 15th, 2009

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Rough ranger arcade game is a one or two player platform game published and developed by SunA in 1988. This game is similar to “Rolling Thunder” and the character animations and the gameplay seems similar to Namco’s game. On later stages appears a ‘gremlin’ like the one used on some stages of Capcom’s “Bionic Commando”. Music in this game is famous classical music, such as Ravel’s ‘Bolero’ and Bach’s ‘Tocatta and Fugue in D-Minor’. Download Rough Ranger classic arcade game.

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How to play

Run techmynd.exe
Click Available at the left side for available games
Press F5 to refresh
Run Rough Ranger there
Press 5 for coins couple of times
1 to start
Enter for start and P for pause game
Keys: Ctrl, Alt

File size: 3.40 MB

Download Rough Ranger

Download Rough Ranger

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