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by on January 25th, 2014

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Readmill is an ebook reader application which gives electronic literature discovery and reading a whole new level. It allows us to read anything, anytime, anywhere and share it with others. Readmill is an amazing, simple yet beautifully designed ebook reader that includes a pioneering feature set.

It contains impressive user interface and certainly offers a great substitute of kindle and aldiko book reader. The most noticeable thing about this app is that it makes reading a pleasure. Readmill is a social reading app that allows you to discover great reading books on your phone and share them with friends on social media.

The design through the typography from the menu is absolutely sumptuous and a biggest strength for the app when you compare it with other ebook readers. It allows you to read DRM-free ebooks and use to readmill’s explore function to download hundreds of other ebooks.

The app is uncomplicated in its approach as it focuses purely on reading experience. It offers a number of little options such as night mode, brightness and touch size which can be accessed quickly by tapping on the screen. Readmill is traditional in its gestures. You can view stats based on your reading habits. You can know the time you have spent in reading the book and it also shows the time left to finish your book. You can give reviews and suggestions about the book once you have finished it.

Readmill is incredibly easy to use. It allows you to choose several open access novels and books directly from the app or website. You can also import your own EPUB-Formatted books if you want either by your device or by dragging the files to website. Try it and see how it makes your reading a bliss.


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