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by on January 11th, 2014

Rail Rush

Rail Rush is a fast paced challenging game. In this game the player controls a cart moving at high speed in order to collect gold. Rail Rush is a full featured app with great graphics and sounds. Unlike other games of this genre, Rail Rush includes some extras which makes it exciting and fun to play.

The player collects as much gold as possible without losing life. The gold appears on both sides of the track. The controls are very simple and easy to handle. The player swipes up to jump in the air, swipes down to duck, and from side to side to jump from one rail to another.

Rail Rush also includes obstacles in the way of moving cart like missing tracks, up and down barriers etc. Players can use their collected gold to buy upgrades. Some expensive upgrades can be purchased from market also.

Rail Rush also includes rubies and rock eggs along with gold. Rock eggs can hold prizes or cash for gold. There are special missions presented to make the game more interesting. Rail Rush has some extras which no other game has included yet, such as the overhead marker that indicates the furthest distance a player has reached.

Rail Rush include following Key Features:

  • 13 different characters
  • Cool power ups
  • 5 different worlds and hidden levels
  • Action packed gameplay
  • Many in-game achievements
  • Game statistics
  • Game center leader boards

Rail Rush is available for android, iOS and windows phone. Given its extra features and challenging nature, this game is definitely worthy of a try.


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Rail Rush is also available on miniclip to play online from here, here and here.