Download Portable AutoRun Maker – CD,DVD,USB AutoRun Maker

by on September 6th, 2009

AutoRun Maker simplifies the process of creating autorun CD/DVD discs and USB drives. It supports all major functions supported in ‘autorun.inf’ file. You can change your USB stick’s icon or make an autorun DVD or create entries in portable media’s context menu without having to write the ‘autorun.inf’ manully.


  • Add a custom icon for your removable media (i.e. CD/DVD discs and USB storage devices)
  • Add a label to show in explorer.
  • Add a file (either executable or document) to open automatically with necessary parameters & AutoPlay label.
  • Add additional shell commands to show on drive’s context menu and sets the user selected command default which executes whenever the user double-clicks the drive icon in explorer.
  • Automatically copies the icon to the drive if it is not present in the drive.
  • Create autorun configuration for a directory which can later be burnt to a disc or copied to a USB storage device.
  • Autorun configuration can be saved for working on it later.
  • Add entry in context menu for all directories to easily select that drive or directory for making an autorun configuration.
  • Enable or disable the Autorun feature of CD/DVD drives.
Download Portable AutoRun Maker

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AutoRun Maker Setup – 531 KB
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Download Portable AutoRun Maker