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by on July 24th, 2010

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Download Popeye PC game.

Popeye (Popai) is a 1982 arcade game developed and released by Nintendo based on the Popeye cartoon characters licensed from King Features Syndicate. The object of the game was for Popeye to collect a certain number of items (24 hearts, 16 musical notes, or the letters in the word “help” – depending on the level) while avoiding the Sea Hag, Brutus / originally Bluto (Brutus was the name given to the character in the King Features cartoon series, Popeye the Sailor) and other dangers.

The player can make Popeye walk back and forth and up and down stairs and ladders with an 8-way joystick. There is a punch button, but unlike similar games of the period, no jump button. (Conversely, Brutus can jump down a level and also jump up to hit Popeye if he is directly above.) Each level has a can of spinach. If Popeye punches the can, he becomes temporarily invincible and can knock out Brutus just by running into him; although after a few seconds Brutus will swim back out and be ready for action again.

How to play

Run mamepgui.exe
Click Available at the left side for available games
Press F5 to refresh
Select and run game there
Type ok if asked
Press Enter
Press 5 for coins couple of times
1 to start
Keys: A, S, D, Z, X, C, Enter, P, arrow keys

Download Popeye PC Game Free

Download Popeye (16.1 MB)

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