How to Download Podcasts from iTunes in Computer Directly

by on June 16th, 2012

Thousands of free podcasts are ready to be enjoyed at iTunes. You can watch or listen podcasts by using iTunes, you can even save podcasts for later use. But how to download these podcasts in computer so that you can listen iTunes podcast later without internet? I wanted to listen to steve jobs podcasts few days back when I thought to try and download these directly in my computer. iTunes saves these podcasts in computer while you download and listen them but there is no prominent download button for podcasts. A new user will be able to only listen or watch these podcasts but will have no clue where these files go after download. I found a way to download iTunes podcasts in computer directly without first listening to them. Here is how it is.

You might have link for your favorite podcast. If not, you can browse free iTune podcasts, select category and select podcast. It will open in iTunes like below:

download podcast itunes to pc 1 500x281

Click any podcast there to download and play.

download podcast itunes to pc 2 500x281

Go to podcasts. Right click any and select ‘copy podcast URL’.

download podcast itunes to pc 3 500x281

Paste that URL (XML) in Mozilla Firefox browser and there you will get the direct links of files to download.

download podcast itunes to pc 4 500x480

You can also save that XML file and extract links from it.

The above parameter will be containing the file link you want to download in XML file.

iTunes saves downloaded podcasts in iTunes music folder of computer. The downloaded files can be found at the following addresses for Windows and MAC.

Where Does iTunes Save Podcast Files in Windows?

Downloaded podcasts path in Windows:

C:\Users\owner\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music
C:\Users\your-user-name\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music

Where Does iTunes Save Podcast Files in MAC?

Downloaded podcasts path in MAC:

/Users/”your username”/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Podcasts

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