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by on January 6th, 2014


Nin Jump Deluxe is a sequel of highly addictive and popular game Nin Jump. Nin Jump Deluxe includes the same exciting fun of ninja climbing with a whole new settings. With great graphics and interesting background and tricks, this game has brought the Nin Jump fun to the next level.

Nin Jump Deluxe has been created by Backflip Studios. Nin Jump Deluxe is a fast-paced game. The rules for this games are same as for old Nin Jump. Your ninja climbs up and your task is to avoid hurdles and attacks while jumping from one wall to the other.

As your ninja climbs up, it comes across all sorts of obstacles in its way. Squirrels and Birds running from side to side, Building parts, Monsters, Tropical Snakes, Monkeys, Fire Dragons and other enemy Ninjas try to attack your ninja. By using your tricks you escape all these hurdles and keep climbing up.

You can also attack back these obstacles by jumping through the air, as you do so you hit an object and destroy it. When you hit the same object three times in a row, you get a mega jump. You can also check your achievements by looking at the Leader Board.

Nin Jump Deluxe is a free, simple and fun game and it could be tricky to stop once you start it. It is available for all smart phones. If you are looking for less complicated, addictive and enjoyable game, Nin Jump Deluxe is best suitable for you.


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