Download New XCode 4 to Build Mac OSX and iOS Applications

by on February 11th, 2011

Xcode is the complete toolset to build Mac OSX and iOS applications. With Xcode 4, the developers tools have been redesigned to be faster, easier to use, and more helpful. The Xcode IDE understands every detail of your project, identifies mistakes in both logic and syntax, and even fix your code for you. Xcode 4 will help you write better code for Mac OSX and iOS applications. Xcode 4 has a brand new user interface, built upon technologies that Apple itself uses to build Mac OSX and iOS, and that have produced over a quarter million Mac OS X and iOS apps.

XCode 4 New Features

  • Many windows to perform the development tasks consolidated into a single window
  • Collection of navigators at left (list of files, sorted symbols, central search interface, issue tracking, debugging data, active and inactive breakpoints, logs)
  • UI upgrades
  • Interface Builder completely integrated within the Xcode IDE
  • Drag connections directly from the UI design to the source code
  • New dramatically powerful Xcode Assistant
  • Next-generation, open source compiler technology LLVM compiler (supports C, Objective-C, and C++)
  • Fix-it feature alerts and code fixes
  • New Version editor
  • LLDB debugging engine

Download XCode 4

Download XCode 4