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by on August 6th, 2009

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Free Download Need for Speed 2 racing game. No need to install. Extract and play. Car games are easy to play and bring lot of fun and enthusiasm out of racing game player. If you are a Need for Speed racing game fan, then you might have been playing need for speed shift, need for speed underground 2, need for speed underground, need for speed most wanted, need for speed undercover, need for speed carbon or need for speed pro street by now, but you can’t forget Need for Speed II.

Remember Need for speed 2 SE (NFS II SE)? Okay, here it is. Download Need for speed 2 second edition free for pc. Need For Speed is a series of racing video games developed by Canadian based company EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts. The series was originally developed by the Canadian based company Distinctive Software, which became known as EA Canada.

nfs se 2


Need For Speed SE II Cheat Codes

Here are complete cheat codes for Need for Speed 2 racing game.

fzr2000 = Super bonus car
Tombstone = Bonus car
Bomber = Bonus car
Pioneer = Pioneer mode, very FAST
Rushhour = lots of traffic
Hollywood = Secret Hollywood track
Slip = slippery track (type this any time)
rexrage = Dinosaurs traffic
rexhour = Dinocar

To access these vehicles, type one of these words at the Car Select screen.
Left side code and right side after is equals sign is the vehicle or upgrade name.

vip = limo
go18 = school bus
go19 = commanche pick-up
go20 = school bus
go21 = semi
go22 = school bus
go23 = red car
go24 = school bus
go25 = shool bus
go26 = red car-black
go27 = vw fastback
go28 = red car-blacktop
go29 = school bus
go30 = school bus
go31 = army truck
go32 = school bus
go33 = snow truck
go34 = monolithic studios tour bus
go35 = limo
go36 = red car
go37 = school bus
go38 = fast school bus
go39 = fast school bus
go40 = airplane crate
go41 = wheelbarrel
go42 = Outhouse
go43 = T-rex
go44 = Western wagon
go45 = Green souvenier box
go46 = Blue souvenier box
go47 = Red souvenier box
go48 = Log
go49 = Crate
go50 = Box of Beer
go51 = Stone cube

drive29 = Monolithic Studios Bus
drive30 = Limo
drive31 = Citroën 2CV
drive32 = Super fast school bus
drive36 = Cart
drive37 = Outhouse
drive38 = Tyrannosaurus Rex
drive39 = Wagon
drive40 = Vendor Stand 1
drive41 = Vendor Stand 2
drive42 = Vendor Stand 3
drive43 = Log
drive44 = Wooden crate
drive45 = Monorail train
drive46 = Hoverpolice
drive47 = UFO
drive48 = Hovering sewage truck
drive49 = Snowy wooden box
drive50 = Snowy wooden box 2

bomber = Bomber BFS
tombstone = Daytona Tombstone
bus = School bus
semi = Semi tractor
armytruck = Army truck
vwbug = VW Beetle
volvo = Volvo station wagon
bmw = BMW
mercedes = Mercedes
miata = Madza Miata
jeepyj = Jeep Wrangler
quattro = Audi Quattro
vanagon = VW Vanagon
landcruiser = Toyota Landcruiser
commanche = Jeep Commanche pickup
vwfb = VW Fastback
snowtruck = Snow plow

Need for Speed 2 Game Play

Keys: Enter, Arrow Keys
File Type: rar, extract and play
Size: 87.05 MB
Just extract the folder and run NFS2SEN.EXE

Download Need For Speed 2 PC Game

Download Need For Speed 2 (87.6 MB)

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171 Reviews

  1. tahadon says:

    this is my need for speed 2

  2. Mike says:

    I play in Virtual Machine Vmware.
    Works great….
    Full speed…

  3. Admin Adr12 says:

    I can’t believed,, this game work in windows 7 starter SP1… hahaha,, thx so much bro :D
    one problem,,
    processor : intel(R) atom 1.66GHz , 1.67GHz (2CPUz)
    ram : 1gb
    vga : intel(R) 256MB

    play this game,, LAG when loading…? -___-‘
    one again,, thx bro :))

  4. Ruwan Kumara says:

    Thanks…. it’s work….

  5. tyutyu says:

    Hey, when i start the game the graphics are messed up, im using windows 7 but i ran in compatability mode for xp

  6. DEVANSHU says:

    its working

  7. Syed says:

    (tested on windows 7 ultimate 64bit sp1)
    Simply download nGilde from
    and run nfs2sea executable in compatilbity mode for vista or xp should run fine.
    If u have crackling audio problems use creative’s alchemy or download the legacy directx wrapper from realteks hd audio codec driver page.

  8. kiran says:

    hi guys, i have windows xp sp3, intel(R)core(tm)2 duo cpu,e7400 @ 2.80ghz,2.79ghz,1.99gb RAM,
    i extracted the game to E:GamesNeed-For-Speed-II-SE-gameNeed For Speed II SE on my system and run nfs2sea.exe and also NFS2SEN.EXE but nothing is happening
    then i tried copying the whole file to c:program files then when i run nfs2sea.exe its showing error like you have less than 1mb free space. i love this game plz help me play this

  9. Sagar Kokne says:

    Hello, I installed the game…but the game view is really blur…how to get the normal view ? is there any file mising?

  10. ali says:

    thank u
    this was so good
    when I play this game I come back to 8 year ago.

  11. azhar says:

    your the only man in games

  12. Xauron says:

    You need to have win98 or 95. Download “microsoft virtual pc” and download use .iso of win98 or 95. I can run the win98 with virtial pc directly from win7/xp

  13. VICKY says:

    I Have A Problem With NFS 2 SE I Downloded It 2 Times But It Never Work At All In Windows XP & I Also Try To Play It On Windows 7 Ultimate It Run But Its Graphic Is Very Bad What Should I Do For It? How I Play this game pls help me!

  14. VICKY says:


  15. Bilal says:

    USe “roadrage” cheat to damadge the car in front of u..!!

  16. Shehzad says:

    You are the man. looking for this game for a long time… works like a charm…just love it

  17. shailesh says:

    will it be run in windows 7

  18. jaideepsharma says:

    nice game

  19. sidiqsinare says:

    nice games on this site

  20. Muhammad Atif says:

    need for speed 2 is my favorite game . it is most popular game

  21. Sammit Neupane says:

    NFS2 RocKS

  22. angarag says:

    very nic game. lots of memories of adoloscence.

  23. sugat says:

    @Unnikay: i tried your compability tool TRICK but it didn’t work………….when i click on NFS2SEN NOTHING Happened TELL ME ANOTHER SOLUTION………..

  24. Rizwan basra says:

    its agood game and i like this site

  25. b3jh0 says:

    i love this game….
    it runing on my pc….win xp sp2, 512 mb, core 2 duo

  26. aamir says:

    its excellent

  27. fazalu rehman says:

    hello,i like the need for speed it is v good and u also try this

  28. karthik pavi says:

    superb machi thankssssssssssss bye………

  29. pradip says:

    very nice game i like it

  30. Usman says:

    @sahil: Press escape and then again press escape

  31. sahil katchi says:

    Its a real classic game. It initially didn’t work for me. I am using win XP sp3. I used to get errors while opening the game. I actually installed a direct X to install another game. Now when I try to open NFS2, it works. you guys may try to install direct x try to start the game again. I guess because of this issue( .dll file error) it didn’t work on XP for some users. I am not a tech expert, but just wanted to share what solved problem for me.

  32. anas says:

    i like it

  33. Nishshanka says:

    i like this game…………

  34. sahil says:

    hey guys!!..need some help. my game is working fine…but wenever i start the race and the 3, 2, 1 countdown begins..the graphics become shit..i dont know wat to do??i have installed the dll file and the latest direct x also…plz help!!!!

  35. SHAKEEL AKHTAR says:

    Hi friends. i like need for speed game. This is good.. thanks for giving this.

  36. Adnan Ghaffar says:

    My name is Adnan Ghaffar.
    I Installed Need 4 Speed II. Its very Interseting Game.Its look very beautifull.

  37. vicky says:

    nfs2 is very very super game

  38. Hina says:

    I get the following error on running NFS2SEN.EXE

    dwwin.exe – Application Error
    The exception Breakpoint

    A breakpoint has been reached.

    (0x80000003) occurred in the application at location 0x7c90120e.

    Click on OK to terminate the program
    Click on CANCEL to debug the program
    OK Cancel

    Please suggest..

  39. SAFIR ULLAH JAN says:


  40. maks says:

    …actally no, …
    there is something wrong with the rar file (Downloaded your RAR twice)- both rar files have the same problem with music files.

    In WInRAR it show that music files are around 600k – 5MB
    after extracting from WinRar – they are 1kb – 2 kb
    In Power ZIp they all being displayed as 1kb – 2 kb files
    after extraction from WinRar – same thing.

    Anyone else have such a problem with music?

  41. maks says:

    Ah, finally got it! Running on Vista- had to switch compatibility to WIN 95, and set affiniti to 1 CPU. Seems to work! One thing pissed me off- the music doesn’t play. When I looked in Audio file, all music files seem to be around 1kb to 5 kb….
    Is that their normal size!???? Or the music files got replaced by dummies to save on download space?

  42. moon says:

    so thanks

  43. Aes_Zamuel says:

    @Hiroshi: In the game Need For Speed II SE versions now I do not find the menu roadrage! Please Explain More Clearly Again! Many Thanks!

  44. VISHAL says:

    2 GB RAM 320 GB HDD

  45. vijay says:

    thnx for uploading game ,i like nfs2 than underground

  46. ijaz from thana koz dak says:

    this is a good game i really like it.

  47. riaz says:

    very good any more game like this for win xp

  48. aman gul says:

    this is a very beautiful game so thanx

  49. Nike Sharma says:

    this is a good and very important games.

  50. Hiroshi says:

    @bipin: Dude! Don’t scare me. Download link is working fine.

  51. bipin says:

    download is not working but game is so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  52. Rob says:

    cheats also available?

  53. Rob says:


  54. gtardd says:

    @johnny: same condition to me brother

  55. gtardd says:

    @naseem: how u have done that please tell me that my brother please

  56. Hiroshi says:

    For cheat – after the intro screen , the main screen appears which has links / controls like:
    Game setup
    At that screen (mainmenu) you have to type those cheat codes.

  57. Nike Sharma says:

    This is very good games Need for Speed II , i like it.

  58. hamza says:

    i love these game i like it

  59. Noor Mohammad says:

    good game

  60. sanjeev says:

    good game having all fun we need

  61. zubair khan says:

    heyy guys when i was studyin in london i was searching this game from two years,i got it now… thanks

  62. Hiroshi says:

    @Aes Zamuel Us Nack: You just type the cheat at the ‘track selection screen’, ‘main menu screen’ or ‘car selection screen’ for track, upgrades or desired car or vehicle.

  63. Aes Zamuel Us Nack says:

    @Hiroshi: How do I create “dialog box” to enter the cheat?

  64. Hiroshi says:

    @M.Ismail Baloch: It is not installable. Its portable. Just run exe to play.

  65. Hiroshi says:

    @ASHU: Its not the full version. Its demo. I can’t post full version, can I? I am not a pirate. Sorry.

  66. ASHU says:

    Actually i have a set up but when i use to start the game it doesn’t proceed to next? please give me a solution

  67. ASHU says:

    Hey will you help me how to download this game with full version

  68. Dan says:

    hahahaah good game no file required haahahah woohhhooo

  69. M.Ismail Baloch says:

    I like this game but plz sir guide me some more that how i will install this game.

  70. yassir says:

    thank for you

  71. Tharun raj says:

    wonderful game

  72. sahil says:

    i have downloaded nfs2se but this game is not working in win-xp it is asking glide2x.dll i have also gone to dll and when i m serching glide2x.dll that file is coming but when i m clicking on install glde2x.dll registry booster file starts installing plz tell me how to download glide2x.dll and plz reply me fast

  73. saksham says:

    its a cool game

  74. imcursed says:


    i am able to run NFS2SE in win 7 but it is very slow with approximately 1/3 spped of normal. any solutions to this problem??

    i have tried all compatibility setting and gilder.

  75. Zaki says:

    Hey Guys! I’ve download this game. Can anybody tell me how to install this game. I don’t know the use of rar. How to install “rar” file.
    Waiting for you replies.

  76. vignesh says:

    am using xp…. but i cant run NFS2…. COULD U HELP ME……

  77. imcursed says:

    hi i am using win 7 and unable to run NFS2SE. Do any of you have any solution to the problem.
    P.S. I troed almost all the compatibility modes present. Any Compatibility mode with the name WINDOWS 7 is not there.

    please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. imcursed says:

    @Asifnur : i am also using windows 7 but unable to run NFS2 even after selecting service pack 3 or the file which u said. Can you please let me know do i need to check any other option in compatibility.

  79. VIGNESH says:


  80. Hiroshi says:

    @sheraz: Okay, did you run the game in compatibility mode? Right click at exe file and run it in win7 compatibility mode.

  81. Hiroshi says:

    @sheraz: VGA (Graphic Card Drivers – display driver) problem or you need to download latest [email protected]: DirectX problem. Please download latest DirectX.

  82. sheraz says:

    i am using window 7

  83. sheraz says:

    i download need for speed he run but graphic not true.
    i mean picture not clear

  84. johnny says:

    hi i download the nfs 2 se just now …
    but when i click at NFs2sea and NFs2SEN nothing happen??
    so , what i can do ???

  85. kebbu says:

    I downloaded the game and extracted also by giving password, not able to play

    its asking glid2x.dll

  86. Hiroshi says:

    @Asim Rehman: Yep! 1997.

  87. Asim Rehman says:

    thanks @Hiroshi.Can you tell me at which date the NFSSE2 made?

  88. rock says:

    I download NFS IIse but it dosen’t work…..
    give me solusion

  89. Asifnur says:

    Hey im a windows 7 user and it wasnt working but i got the solution
    wat u have to do is right click NFS2SEN.exe and go to properties then click compability
    then check run this program compability mod for:
    select windows xp (service pack 3)

    aight guys have fun plyin nfs 2 :DDDD

  90. paresh says:

    i like this game very much

  91. saloni says:

    woooooooooooo man kabhi aasi game nhi dekhe “FABULOUS” I am crazzy about this game.

  92. Hiroshi says:

    @Bikash: Yep, you can play it in Win7.

  93. Hiroshi says:

    @Asim Rehman: You are lucky you have a girl friend.

  94. Asim Rehman says:

    i like NFSSE2 i playing it from 3 years my girlfriend like it too.this game is sweet same as my girlfriend.

  95. suyog says:

    good game

  96. vinay says:

    I extracted all the files but still when in click on the NFS2SEN.EXE it starts extracting
    and doesn’t run

  97. ashu says:

    right click NFS2SEN and select Restore to previous versions
    now select the compatability tab and select the reqd compatibility mode.

    This helped me for Win 7.

  98. shervin says:

    mine doesn’t execute. and doesn’t say anything [no errors]. in fact nothing happens! :-(

  99. abhishek says:

    the game is not working
    when i start nfs2sea.exe pc becomes completely blank
    it seems as if i didn’t start the game

  100. Bikash says:

    Please help me, can i play this game in windows 7 ultimate. If i can please tell me how.

  101. ahsan says:

    this game is very easy

  102. HARSHIT says:

    I Need NFS2SE I can’t run it Only in my P/C . I tried in many OS but failed.LCD Monitar Presently my pc windows Vista Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2140 @1.60GHz 1.93 GB RAM Sis Mirane 3 Graphics. But the pc is newly installed pc Please help me.

  103. Hiroshi says:

    @Dinesh: Many users are facing this problem. But other users have successfully run this game at their PC. We can’t solve the problem unless you help me and tell us about the error message it shows.

  104. Dinesh says:

    I Need NFS2SE I can’t run it Only in my P/C . I tried in many OS but failed.LCD Monitar Presently my pc has , 180 GB HDD, 2 GB RAM, WINXP. It only says hard drive is less than 1 mb . But the pc is newly installed pc and no other software installed. Please help me.

  105. Amad says:

    Thank You very much.Its good website

  106. karthik says:

    this is good.. thanks for giving this.

  107. noman says:

    @saba: Can you post me what is the error message you are encountering? The game is complete and works for XP for sure.

  108. gazal says:

    thankx mate..thankx a lot
    searching this for a long time. now i got it.

  109. PAYAL says:

    very nice game.
    i love it.

  110. Biplab says:

    After installation of NFS2SE I can’t run it Only in my P/C and Laptop. I tried in many OS but failed. Presently my pc has ASUS AM/PM M/B, 160 GB HDD, 2 GB RAM, WINXP2. It only says hard drive is less than 1 mb . But the pc is newly installed pc and no other software installed. Please help me.

  111. Mike says:

    YEs i have freed my hard drive but now when i click in it nothing happens
    what should i do

  112. Mike says:

    YEs i have cleaned everything but now when i click in it nothing happens
    i m just clicking and clicking but the game doesn’t open

  113. Hiroshi says:

    @Mike: You might have 100 GB space but do you have 100 GB free space at hard drive? Make sure you have some free space. It looks like you need to free some of system resources. Clear cache and temp folders of windows and delete some old unused files, empty recycle bin and free some space at hard drive then try to extract. The game needs 100 MB free space at hard disk.

  114. Mike says:

    Hey hiroshi help me
    i can’t open nfs2 se game its saying you have less than 1 mb space in your hard drive but i have more than 100 gb
    and i m in win xp

  115. Hiroshi says:

    @dinesh: You are giving wrong password.

  116. dinesh says:

    can anyone help me out??
    even if i extract it only 3 files are seen and in the winzip program is showing that password error,What should i do?? plz help me!.

  117. dinesh says:

    i need winzip to open this file in me laptop… :(

  118. sunny says:

    hello every this game is very sweet

  119. adnan says:

    thank you

  120. mmmsajib says:

    I would be honoured to get this game.

  121. SKR says:

    i have downloaded the game nfs2se… i have extracted the file properly but still the file nfs2sen.exe is not opening…. i have windows xp sp2… please suggest what i should do
    i was in search for this game since long time…. please help me…

  122. mahesh says:

    this game is not working for me on win XP
    i have extracted rar file properly then also it is not working

  123. Riyaz says:


  124. sarfraz says:

    amazing game . . .
    thank u

  125. Rajesh Kumawat says:

    Nice Game …



  126. Hiroshi says:

    Download link is here:
    Password is
    For those who can’t run this game. Please check your PC for viruses / malwares etc. Copy this game at freshly installed Windows XP and it will run.
    Sorry for any trouble.

  127. lewis says:

    hi .i dont know where to download and play this game

  128. manyia says:

    kya aap muje bta sakty hain k ye need for speed II kesy downlod karty hain……;-( plz help me mujy chahiy eye game

  129. Saad says:

    I’m facing problem to play Need 4 speed 2. when I run the exe file nothing appears.
    I’m using windows XP SP2. What should i do to play this game?

  130. praveen says:

    @Hiroshi: but dude i’ll try many tims..even the game is not started..

  131. Hiroshi says:

    @Praveen: Yep. It should run with Win7 as well.

  132. Praveen says:

    Hi, is this possible to run this game in WINDOWS 7?
    plz..give me alternate option to play this..

  133. egzon says:

    thanx a lot man

  134. awsome its realy work nice man for upload

  135. vinesh says:

    i downloaded nfs2se.however it is a rar do i run this file.please give some suggestions.

  136. Aaqib says:

    its a good game and i like this site

  137. Hiroshi says:

    @asdewq: Oh Dear! Good to know.

  138. asdewq says:

    i am student

  139. Unnikay says:

    Hi Team,

    Thanks for uploading the game NFS2SE. As some people earlier posted, the game does not work in windows SP2.

    People U need to Use Windows compatibility tool to work.

    So download and install Application Compatibility Tool
    Run Compatibility Administrator from Start Menu.
    Go to Custom Database / New Database.
    Click ‘Fix’ button.
    Type the name of the game, vendor, and browse to NFS2SEA.EXE file. If it is not in NFS2SE folder on your hard drive yet, then copy it manually from CD.
    Click Next, None, Next.
    Toggle following positions on:
    – CorrectFilePaths
    – EmulateGetDiskFreeSpace
    – GlobalMemoryStatusLie
    Click Next, Finish.
    Save your database preferably in game directory.
    Now click on NFS2SEN.EXE file in the right panel of Compatibility Administrator. Click Run button. The game should start.
    If you want to play it next time you need to run Compatibility Administrator again, load your database, click on NFS2SEN.EXE file and Run button.

  140. Debojyoti says:

    Hi, is this possible to run this game in WINDOWS 7?

  141. terebap says:

    yo i hav vista desktop and it wnt run on mine even if i run as an administrator? can sum1 plz help me, i dunt think its the ddll thing or watever tht is

  142. Roden says:

    it is nice and wonderful

  143. zain says:

    works on windows XP 2006 sp2…………………………….

  144. rudy says:

    pls help me.. i cant it cuz ithas an error..
    it says that the breakpoint has exceeded and need to debug??

    pls help me….

  145. Irshad says:

    Its Very nice game I like it

  146. Hiroshi says:

    @sara: I am sorry. Not at Vista.

  147. sara says:

    i use winVista starter it says hard drive is less than 1 mb . bat 1 have still 300 gig help pls wana play it badly

  148. sara says:

    whether nfs 2 se game will work in windows vista os.

  149. dawood shah says:

    the game will complete install ok.

  150. dawood shah says:

    I believe that nfs will open on windowxp.

  151. Hiroshi says:

    @saba: Can you post me what is the error message you are encountering? The game is complete and works for XP for sure.

  152. saba says:

    i m unable to run this game plz give me all process to download it plz

  153. thannuh says:

    I believe that nfs 2 will open on windows xp

  154. Khan says:

    well, very very good games but its few games. you load more games.
    THANKS for YOU
    again thnkx

  155. Ryan says:

    well,if u got NFS underground 1 pls upload…..tnx:)

  156. Ryan says:

    But thanks anyway…..thnks 4 uploading d’ games….:))) (:)

  157. Hiroshi says:

    @Aaron: Consider using WinXP for this game. :D or check for any viruses in system.

  158. Aaron says:

    i doesnt work for me =c help pls… at first it required the glide2.dll i have already dl it.. then it stop working it says … a problem caused this program to stop working correctly… what shoud i do.. i use winVista starter… other thing it says hard drive is less than 1 mb . bat 1 have still 209 gig help pls wana play it badly

  159. Fawwaz says:

    it was so cool i love nfs2 i like nfs

  160. ankit says:

    ya nice wesite

  161. naseem says:

    thanx buddy i havy installed need 4 speed 2 its working this site is best….. nsm 20

  162. Hiroshi says:

    @RICHIE: That’s perhaps because u did not need it. If the game is not working than there might be some other problem. Perhaps some malware or virus in PC. Try to clean PC. I am sure for WinXP this game works with no issue. Sorry for inconvenience.

  163. RICHIE says:

    OK but absolutely nothing happens when i open the exe file

  164. Hiroshi says:

    @RICHIE: You do not need that dll file. Its strange. That game is working alright for many. Anyways if you need that dll file, get it from here:

  165. RICHIE says:

    please where do i get the glide2x.dll file to execute the N4S SE that i just downloaded.

  166. robb says:

    woohooo !!
    works for me.
    thx a lot.

  167. Hiroshi says:

    @jacob: It executes for me. Are you sure your PC is not infected with viruses?

  168. jacob says:

    It isn’t executed, mine is xpsp3.. it require some ddl files, after installing that ddl files too it won’t run..

    • Ashik Khan says:

      Install DirectX in your pc .. that will fix the problem ….. i had the same problem of ddl files…. after DirectX installed in my pc that DDL file pop up window never show…. @[email protected]…. :P