Download Multiple Gtalk Messenger

by on April 17th, 2009


This is not a hidden truth. Many many users might have been using multi-gtalk by now. People who like to chat a lot can definitely make use of this software. Sometimes in office place you need to log into your personal messenger or sometimes at home you need to get in touch with your colleagues and you need more then one clients of the same messenger.

Well here is gtalk multi messenger. Gtalk messenger is for pros. It is being used at office places as a standard messenger to get in touch with buddies and colleagues. Google is famous and a standard, no doubts about that. I was reading a research today and I found that Google is no.1 in top 10 websites of the world. Being No.1. and at the top of things; that’s something. Okay, Just download the software. Run your standard Gtalk from your PC and after that use this Google_Multi_Talk.exe to run as many messengers as you want.

Download GTalk Multi Messenger

Download GTalk Multi Messenger

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