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magic sword pc game download from techmynd free

Magic Sword, fully titled as Magic Sword – Heroic Fantasy, is a side-scrolling fantasy arcade game released by Capcom in 1990. The game casts the player as a hero who must fight his way through a mystical tower in order to save the world. The player can use a sword, axe, or magic, and can also rescue and recruit potential allies of various character classes, each of which has his or her own special abilities. Download Magic Sword.

magic sword pc game download from techmynd free

Magic Sword takes place in an unnamed world, which is being threatened by the dark lord Drokmar, who has control over an evil crystal known as the “Black Orb”, which would allow him to rule over the world. In order to prevent this from happening, the hero, known as the Brave One, must scale to the top of the 50-floor tower in which Drokmar resides, known as Dragon Keep.

At the game’s end, when Drokmar is defeated, the player has the option of two endings, either to destroy the Black Orb, or to take control of it, becoming the new dark lord.

magic sword pc game download from techmynd free

magic sword pc game download from techmynd free


There are eight potential allies in Magic Sword. They are hidden throughout the tower, and need to be saved before they can assist the Brave One. While the player was able to switch allies at any time, they could only have one assisting them at any moment, and could not control the ally. Allies increase in power when they spend time with the Brave One.

Big Man – A strong ally that attacks with a slow-yet-powerful boomerang-axe.
Ninja – A fast ally that attacks with multiple shurikens that bounce off structures in the environment.
Amazon – A highly-trained female archer that fires a variety of bolts (including fire arrows) from her crossbow.
Priest (or Cleric) – A holy character that creates a spiritual barrier and orbs of light which do double damage against undead enemies.
Thief – In addition to his ability to throw bombs and knives, the thief is able to find hidden treasure chests, and can tell whether or not they are trapped.
Wizard – A slow and frail ally with a powerful attack which conjures powerful magical missiles.
Knight – The strongest ally in the game, and also one of the last to be found, the knight attacks by throwing spears.
Lizardman – The winged lizardman will only fight alongside the Brave One if a diamond ring is kept in the player’s item box. Otherwise, it will act as a normal enemy.

The main core of the gameplay is side-scrolling fighting, with some platforming elements. The player controls only the main character; all of the allies are controlled by the computer, and can be switched out to fit the situation.

There are 51 floors to fight through in the game. Eight of these floors had a boss character at the end, including Drokmar himself at the end of the 50th floor. Additionally, there are seven “Secret Doors” which allows the player to bypass levels when they perform specific maneuvers.

Players can acquire items from treasure chests. Some of these items are strictly to increase score, while others will provide a benefit for the duration of a level. Of the 24 different types of items, there are eight magic items which have more powerful effects and last for two floors. The most common item are three varieties of keys, which are required to open various doors. These doors will either contain an ally, who will reward you with an item and join up with you, an enemy, or it will take you to the next floor. Upgrades as for the sword are gained by beating a boss enemy and can be lost when hit. The player is able to pickup the sword again in this case, if not the last sword achieved will be equipped. Picking up a shield upgrade will provide a shield with a higher level, but will also lose power when hit.

How to Play

Run techmynd.exe
Click Available at the left side for available games
Press F5 to refresh
Select game there and hit enter
Type ok if asked
Press 5 for coins couple of times
1 to start
Keys: Ctrl, Alt, Enter, P

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