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by on April 9th, 2009


Download free game – The Lion King. The Lion King game is a side-scrolling platform game, with the controlled character having to leap, climb, run and descend from platform to platform. There is an exception during the level The Stampede, where Simba is running towards the camera dodging wild beasts and leaping over rocks.

Two bars in the game represent ‘roar meter’ and the ‘health bar’. Health bar decreases when Simba is hurt. At the bottom left of the screen is a counter showing how many lives Simba has remaining. Bugs of various shapes and sizes can be collected, restoring health or granting bonuses. Some rare health-damaging bugs also exist.

If Simba loses all his health he floats in the middle of the black screen standing dazedly and faints as a cub while as an adult he simply faints.

The player controls Simba (first as a cub, then later as an adult) in the main levels and either Timon or Pumbaa in the bonus levels.

Cub Simba can roar, jump on enemies and roll. All three are used to combat enemies and have different effects. Rolling can also be used to access hidden areas and dodge attacks. Adult Simba is stronger, can slash and maul, and he can throw instead of defeating his enemies by jumping on them. He also has a more formidable roar, but can no longer roll.

During the course of the game, there are two bonus stages. In the first bonus stage, players control Pumbaa, eating bugs dropped by Timon without letting any good ones touch the floor. In the second bonus stage, players control Timon, searching the area for bugs within a time limit. Both will end prematurely if they come into contact with a bad bug or a spider.

Lion King Characters

Cub and Adult Simba

How to Play Lion King Game on PC

Keys: Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Space bar
File Type: Installable, exe

Download Lion King PC Game

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