Download Latest Windows Installer and Windows Live Messenger

by on September 13th, 2009

Recently my PC OS got corrupted during some experimental work related to registry and I had to reinstall the Windows. When I was done I intended to download Windows Live Messenger. I downloaded custom setup which gave me an error that “Latest Windows Installer is required to proceed“. Previously I had posted ‘Windows Live Messenger standalone setup’ which might not be working now. But here is an update related to the ‘Latest Windows Installer’ and custom ‘Windows Live Messenger’ setup with Live components installation options.


Windows Installer 4.5

The Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) is the application installation and configuration service for Windows. These download packages will update the version of Windows Installer on your system to version 4.5.

  • Patch sequencer performance improvement pass
  • Application settings migration support via MSIARPSETTINGSIDENTIFIER
  • Ability to disable 64 bit registry reflection at the component level via msidbComponentAttributesDisableRegistryReflection
  • Updated Automation Support with Installer.ProductCode, Installer.CreateAdvertiseScript, Installer.AdvertiseScript, Installer.ProductInfoFromScript, Installer.ProductElevated, and Installer.ProvideAssembly
  • RemoveExistingProducts now pass UILevel property
  • MsiLogging and MsiLogFileLocation properties supported down level
  • Message type INSTALLMESSAGE_FILESINUSE now passes window titles
  • Billboards are only displayed during script execution, no longer during script generation
  • The Edit and PathEdit controls now respond to the Reset control event
  • Windows Installer use of the %temp% folder should work if %temp% folder is encrypted.
  • Enable browse button in SelectionTree control only if the feature has a public property in Directory_ column
  • Enable basic UI to show text for language neutral packages
  • Hidden/disabled cancel button does not allow users to cancel a dialog for authored UI
  • Credential Free Patching under XP LUA constraint to media lifted to be equivalent to Vista UAC constraints
  • Schema.msi has been updated with the new tables
Download Windows Installer 4.5

Download Windows Installer 4.5 (3.11 MB)

Download Windows Live Essentials Setup Including Live Messenger

Download Windows Live Essentials Setup Including Live Messenger (591 KB)

Windows Live Essentials / Windows Live Messenger need latest .net framework and Latest Windows Installer. Windows Live Setup will offer you options to chose from what you like to install e.g. Live messenger, mail, photo gallery, toolbar, writer, family safety, silverlight etc.


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