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by on May 3rd, 2009

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The King of Fighters 98 is a 1998 fighting game released by SNK released for the Neo Geo arcade and home console. It is the fifth game in The King of Fighters series. This installment was advertised by SNK as a “special edition” of the series, as it featured most of the characters who appeared in the previous games (from KOF ’94 to ’97), regardless of whether the character was killed off in the series’ ongoing storyline (which would resumed in the following game in the series with a new story arc).

kof 98

King of Fighters 98 Characters

Hero Team

Kyo Kusanagi
Benimaru Nikaido
Goro Daimon

Fatal Fury Team

Terry Bogard
Andy Bogard
Joe Higashi

Art of Fighting Team

Ryo Sakazaki
Robert Garcia
Yuri Sakazaki

Ikari Team


Psycho Soldier Team

Athena Asamiya
Sie Kensou
Chin Gentsai

Women Fighters Team

Chizuru Kagura
Mai Shiranui

Korea Team

Kim Kaphwan
Chang Koehan
Choi Bounge

Orochi Team

Yashiro Nanakase

’97 Special Team

Ryuji Yamazaki
Blue Mary
Billy Kane

Yagami Team

Iori Yagami

Old Men Team

Takuma Sakazaki
Saisyu Kusanagi

American Sport Team

Heavy D!
Lucky Glauber
Brian Battler

Single Entry

Rugal Bernstein
Shingo Yabuki


Omega Rugal

Extra characters

’95 Kyo Kusanagi
EX Terry Bogard
EX Andy Bogard
EX Joe Higashi
EX Ryo Sakazaki
EX Yuri Sakazaki
EX Robert Garcia
EX Mai Shiranui
EX Billy Kane
Orochi Yashiro
Orochi Shermie
Orochi Chris

98 Ultimate Match exclusives

Eiji Kisaragi
Kasumi Todoh
Geese Howard
Wolfgang Krauser
Mr. Big
Orochi Leona
Orochi Iori
EX King
EX Ryuji Yamazaki
EX Blue Mary
EX Geese Howard

How to play King of Fighters 98

Run WinKawaks.exe
File -> Load game
Select King of Fighters 98
Hit ok
Press F3 for coins
F1 to start
Keys: A,S,D,F,Q,W,E,R,T

Download King of Fighters 98

Download King of Fighters 98 (File size: 39.75 MB)

8 Reviews

  1. Rahul says:

    please tell me how i play king of fighter 98 because i dont have winkawaks.exe

  2. Rahul says:

    please tell me how i run this game because i don’t know. please tell me

  3. San says:

    Thats the best game dear

  4. jason says:

    thnx,,,, i love 8,,,
    u rock,,,
    love this game

  5. Hiroshi says:

    @Friesta: Well, these keys work, right. The punch the kicks etc. Use arrow keys to move and jump. Good players know the varieties and keys combination for formulas to this game to beat the opponent real bad and very soon but if you are not a good player. Try different keys in a quick succession and hit different arrow keys and advance towards opponent. This works as a charm. :D

  6. Friesta says:

    can you give me the detailed instruction of how to use “asdfqwert” to play this game?

  7. tarik says:


  8. acha terry says:

    i love this game