Download Internet Explorers 6,7,8 Installable and Portables

by on January 11th, 2009


This portable versions are for Window XP only with installed IE 6. These are for web developers to test web pages compatibility for all versions of IE. Use old versions of Internet explorer or portables at your own risk. Recommended one is Internet Explorer 8 downloaded from Microsoft.

Proceed to download Multiple IE (ie3.0 to ie6.0) installable, IE6, IE7, IE8 and their portable versions.

Multiple IE

Internet Explorer 3.0
Internet Explorer 4.01
Internet Explorer 5.01
Internet Explorer 5.5
Internet Explorer 6.0



Install Multiple Versions of Internet Explorer
Multiple IE Home Page

Internet Explorer 6

Download Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1

Internet Explorer 7

Download Internet Explorer 7 (from Microsoft)
Portable Internet Explorer 7 (link 1)
Portable Internet Explorer 7 (link 2)
Portable Internet Explorer 7 (link 3)
Portable Internet Explorer 7 (link 4)

Internet Explorer 8

Download Windows Internet Explorer 8 (from Microsoft)
Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1
Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 [8.0.6001.18241] (link 1)
Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 [8.0.6001.18241] (link 2)
Internet Explorer 8 (Beta) Portable Download (link 1)
Download Portable Internet Explorer 8 Beta. (link 2- Download file size 26.3 MB)


4 Reviews

  1. Syafiq Zainal says:

    It’s there a version for windows 7?

  2. Shani says:

    Nice! But I will still prefer IE 6 and Mozilla. Opera has also evolved though. Why use IE7 or IE8?

  3. Hiroshi says:

    @Sanix: Thanks for useful tip. Actually direct download link can be changed any time at other website. Users must also know what they are doing and from where they are downloading the file, if it is fresh and from the original vendor of course. That’s why I provide the destination, rather then the file link itself. But I like your suggestion. May be I should change future approach for that.

  4. Sanix says:

    Very nice compilation of all the IE versions. Love it as I could find all of ‘em in one place. It would be great if you could give direct download links to the files rather than going to the Microsoft site for download.

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