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by on July 2nd, 2010

internet explorer 9

Bad news for web developers…. Internet Explorer 9 is here. Congrats! Internet Explorer 9 requires Windows Vista or Windows 7. You can preview and test the latest features of Internet Explorer 9. Internet browsers are experiencing a cut-throat competition right now. The one which will not be able to keep up, will be perished. Internet browsers must update because HTML5 and CSS3 are changing the web all over again. These web pages will never be same with HTML5 and CSS3. Here comes the challenge for internet browsers now. So Microsoft has also launched Internet Explorer 9 which hugely supports HTML5, CSS3 and much more dynamic elements essential for web today.

You can watch speed demos for Internet Explorer 9 which are not even close to Google Chrome Speed demo. Google Chrome can even save your life.

But since Internet Explorer is trying to keep up – we can hope for the best. You can view some HTML5 demos for IE9 and Graphics Demos all at IE9 TestDrive. Infact Internet Explorer 9 claims to follow more W3C standards than Mozilla Firefox (118 new test cases).

Download Internet Explorer 9

Direct Download IE9
Internet Explorer 9 Test Drive (Speed Demos, HTML5 Demos, Graphics Demos)
IE9 Test Center (118 Test Cases)