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by on December 24th, 2009

handy-backupI had posted earlier about handy backup and provided 3 promo codes. Now here is another chance for TechMynd new users to get Handy backup software (worth $79) for free. I have got 3 more promotional licenses for Handy Backup Professional to give and you can enjoy full featured handy backup. Whether its Windows 7 back up or Photos backup, Android backup, Offsite backup or system backup, handy backup is the easiest and best utility you will ever use. Back ups can be taken to DVD, to CD-R, to USB, to FTP and more. Handy back up facilitates one click synchronization of files and folders across multiple locations including remote FTP servers. ODBC Database Backup,
MySQL backup, Disk Image Backup, Website backup, My Documents backup and more are easily done by Handy backup intelligently. Handy Backup is certified for Windows Vista! It is suitable for MySQL backup and Handy Backup can run in Linux under Wine.

Handy Backup is like select files – choose what to do (take backup at CD/DVD or Zip file or upload Online at your server via FTP etc.) – and go (or schedule the task) and the backup is done. Handy Backup is an award-winning data backup and disaster recovery software for home and small to medium business environments. Designed for computers running Microsoft Windows. The program is widely recognized as the most powerful and cost-effective backup utility in its class. Handy back features:

  • Take backups in compressed zipped format
  • Take and store backups online using FTP, SFTP
  • Take backups and write at DVD/CD
  • Handy backups online
  • Schedule backup tasks – Set it and forget it
  • Easy to use wizard to guide you through process and easy options to choose from for backups
  • Absolutely easy and headache free backup process
  • Multiple options of backup type to choose from

Wizard that guides you through easy to use step by step backup process and offers options to facilitate you according to your needs.


Add or remove files or folders in backup task.


Take backup and write DVD/CD containing your data.


Schedule your data backup easily and forget about it.


Assign different names for different backups.


Set different users to take their own backups.


Set Backup email notifications.


Take backup and store data online via ftp file transfer.


Remote backup ftp, SFTP support.


Set ftp proxy and ports for backup task.


SFTP Support for online backup and destination select.


handy backup online.


Add files, folders, ftp files, desktop items, documents, outlook express files for backup task.


Specify whole folder for backup.


Take backups in zipped archive formats and set compression quality.


Download Handy Backup Professional Free

Download Handy Backup

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Handy Backup Free Promotional Codes
Just comment to this post. 3 users will be selected randomly from comments to get free licenses of Handy Backup. Licenses will be emailed to them. All available keys distributed. Check back for more promotional offers.

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    You put up some good info. I managed to pay for the phone. As a disabled vet I cannot afford the backup program.
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    Its very awesome soft
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