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Guardian Heroes brings a number of things to the side scrolling fighting genre. The game includes a versus mode wherein up to six unique players can compete with any of the main characters (and unlockable monsters, bosses, and civilians) in a timed battle or to the death. The players earn experience points during each scene and between scenes are able to improve and customize their characters with six attributes: Strength (determines physical damage per hit and distance enemies fly when the player hits them), Vitality (increases HP), Intelligence (governs size and strength of spells), Mentality (determines how many MP the player has and how fast MP are recovered), Agility (increases the speed at which characters can do physical and magical attacks) and Luck (modifies damage the player gives and receives, in addition to improving Nicole’s selection of spells). Download Guardian Heroes Game free for PC.

The game’s story mode is famous for its multiple paths. The game allows the player to make choices on where they will go and what they do after every level. This allows for multiple endings and different bosses and levels. The player can play through the game many times and change the story dramatically each time. The main game can also be played with a friend. One path even leads to Golden Silver from Gunstar Heroes to be the final Boss. Just as in Gunstar Heroes he uses the power of four gems to aid him in battle.

This game is also remembered for the multiple levels in the battlefield. Initially, the player can only access three planes of battle: a foreplane, a middle plane, and a back plane. These planes can be switched between in set sequence, or at the player’s choosing based on which button is pressed. The shoulder buttons of the Saturn controller allows the player to move back and forth in such a manner. Often, evasive actions could be taken by switching a plane. For example, being enveloped by a mob of enemies with little hope of fighting through them without taking extensive damage could be mitigated with a simple plane change.

Long before the beginning of the game, a supreme being created the universe, an eternal battlefield, to find ultimate warriors to hire as its personal soldiers. During the early periods of this, humans merely existed, cowering in fear as a vicious battle was waged between the Sky Spirits and Earth Spirits. Eventually, the Sky Spirits decided to bestow incredible powers unto the humans, effectively making powerful wizards out of many of them. With their new-found powers, the human wizards joined the effort against the Earth Spirits, banishing them into the darkness. However, soon after this was accomplished, the Sky Spirits grew fearful and jealous of the human wizards, and banished them all into the very same darkness along with the Earth Spirits. After this, mankind instead opted for a more physical approach to life, and the Time of the Sword began.


Several decades before the game begins, one of the human wizards, Kanon, managed to escape his imprisonment with the Earth Spirits, and came back to the surface so that he might eventually get his revenge on the Sky Spirits. There, he brought his case up with the existing khans; since they did not trust him, he destroyed them and replaced their kingdom with a wizard kingdom, with puppet khans to do his will. Things were not entirely rosy for Kanon, however; the former king prophesied, prior to his death, that should his reign and the Time of the Sword be brought to such an abrupt end, then eventually the sword would again resurface and in turn bring an end to Kanon’s reign. As a precaution, Kanon banished most every existing sword in his new kingdom, but he overlooked one particular sword, belonging to a fierce, anonymous warrior who fought especially valiantly to the death during Kanon’s takeover. Also, the former princess, Serena, survived the ordeal, and joined the band of knights to try and bring about Kanon’s end from the inside.

At the game’s start, four warriors – Han, Randy (with his pet rabbit, Nando), Nicole and Ginjirou – find the sword of the valiant warrior. Just as they decide to begin relaxing for the remainder of the night, Serena bursts in, hastily warning them that the knights have learned of their possession of such a powerful sword, and are coming to take it back, no matter the costs. The four flee their home as it bursts up in flames during the invasion, then escape the town via their separate ways, rendezvousing at the graveyard nearby.

Upon reaching there, they discover the leader of the Black Knights, Valgar, awaiting them, and accompanied by a very powerful robotic warrior. The five do battle with it, but fail to do a large amount of damage to it. Finally, as Han resolves to use the new sword against the robot, the sword is struck by lightning, electrocuting Han and causing him to lose his grip on it. The sword, now seemingly with a life of its own, floats over to a large mound nearby, where a zombified warrior in golden armor arises from the dead – the same warrior who valiantly fought to the death so many years ago – and claims the sword as his own. Enraged, he easily obliterates Valgar’s robot, and begins to attack Serena. Nicole, uncertain of what to do, politely asks the warrior to stop attacking them – to the five’s surprise, he does so. Quickly realizing that the warrior is willing to act on any command that they give him, they resolve that, with this new ally, the time to begin an attack on Kanon’s new kingdom is at hand.

From here, the game begins to split up on various paths, with numerous different plots to go along with it. Some involve ultimately fighting against the Sky Spirits, Earth Spirits, and/or the supreme being that made the universe, while others wind up the warriors ultimately defeating Kanon, only to have to defeat Super Zur, or various rogue robotic warriors that he had left behind, led by the nefarious Golden Silver. Most endings wind up with humanity ultimately having a far better future than they had at the game’s start.

Game Characters

Samuel Han

Physically powerful, Han can inflict a lot of damage even against guarding opponents (as his tackle bypasses blocking), but his movements are slow, and he cannot use much magic. He also has a flaming attack, similar to Ginjirou’s lightning attack. He jumps high in the air, ignites, and comes down in flames on his enemies. As he is slow-moving at first, raising his Agility stat will make up for his initial lack of mobility. Han starts the game wielding the sword of the Undead Hero, until it is reclaimed by its true owner. In one of the story arcs, he may acquire a similar sword which grants him the stat bonuses he originally had when wielding the Undead Sword.

Randy M. Green

Randy has many spectacular attacks and a large variety of elemental magic, including fireballs, lightning bolts, pools of ice and a devastating laser-like heat ray. However, like a typical sorcerer character, he suffers from low vitality. Randy’s familiar, Nando, assists Randy during the story mode of the game, and is available as a playable character in Versus mode. In melee, Randy attacks with multi-hit attacks, his Dancing Wind attack being one of the most effective melee attacks around.

Ginjirou Ibushi

Ginjirou has an emphasis on mobility. He has a large variety of moving attacks, but this can also work against him. He also has a number of lightning/thunder attacks. Though his attack power is weaker than Han’s, the sheer number of hits he is capable of dealing to enemies makes him a formidable character, and his lightning attacks allow him to deliver more hits to any single target than any other character in the game, meaning he can rack up combo points very easily and gain levels just as quickly.

Nicole Neil

Nicole has weak attacks and random magic. She has a smiley face emblem on her amulet and most of her magic attacks incorporate a smiley face. She is the only hero who can use healing magic, but as a drawback her attacks are the weakest of the four heroes. Experienced gamers quickly learned about her Barrier ability, which damages enemies until they are forced away from her; if an enemy could not be forced away from Nicole (e.g. the Barrier pushes the enemy against the wall), then it would suffer grievous wounds until the barrier wore off. If the enemy were to block the barrier attack and was standing against the wall, which would effectively trap them in place, the barrier would deal massive amounts of damage, often leaving only a bit of health afterwards.

Serena Corsair

A well-balanced character, Serena (possibly meant to be Selena) the Knight has a wide variety of moves and a good selection of magic spells, the majority of which revolve around cold and ice. The most powerful of these are her Angel Breath, which creates an umbrella-like field of ice particles around herself when used, protecting her from physical attacks and freezing anything close to her, and the Valkyrie Javelin, which is similar to Randy’s Super Magic Fire Blaster, but it freezes attackers instead of burning them. Serena joins the player as an NPC in story mode, but is later unlockable as a player-controlled character. Kanon later reveals that Serena is actually the surviving heir of the murdered Khans, making her a legitimate contender for the throne, she is the only hidden character that can be played in story mode.

How to Play

Run VisualBoyAdvance.exe
Press Enter couple of time
Select from choices and go
Keys: X, C, S

Download Guardian Heroes Game

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