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by on January 6th, 2014

gems journey

Gems Journey is a classic match-3 type game. It assigns different goals in given time and moves.In all the games of this genre Gems Journey is best. It presents different modes unlike other match-3 games. It’s less boring as it includes a bit diversity.

Gems Journey

Gems Journey has up to 160 levels with pretty scenes and advanced gems. This game is also different from other games of its genre in a way that it asks for strategies in order to pass a level. Gems Journey includes levels in two ways. It either presents with the limited moves to accomplish the goal or with limited time.

Gems Journey includes following scenes:

  • Castle Scene
  • Relic Scene
  • Plain Scene
  • Desert Scene
  • Valley Scene

There are three different modes in Gems Journey

  • Backplane Mode
  • Shape Mode
  • Collection Mode

Backplane Mode includes elimination of all the backplanes on the screen. Shape Mode includes arrangement of gems in a specified shape and Collection Mode includes falling of treasure gems to a specified column.

This classic game is certainly best for you if you are looking for some addictive, simple yet challenging game.


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