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by on July 20th, 2012

Make your work easier in Microsoft Office by downloading ready to use document templates in Microsoft word, spreadsheet and presentation format. You can download free spreadsheets, word documents and presentations prepared by professionals. For example if you want to plan your college budget, you do not need to think about creating it in spreadsheet from scratch. Its already available for free. Just download, enter appropriate values and get a detailed overview of whole plan. You can also create your own Microsoft Office documents online free and share with anyone. These are Microsoft Docs.

Following documents are available:

Microsoft Word: Lunar calendar, school report, meal planner, newsletter, summer event flyer.

Microsoft Spreadsheet: 401K planner, college budget, fitness training program, monthly budget, team roster.

Microsoft Presentation: Family calendar, marketing plan presentation, project plan presentation, solar system presentation, teamwork presentation.

Microsoft One Note: Home improvement notebook, house hunting notebook, move planner, wedding planner.

You can download these one by one or you can download complete folder by Microsoft Office team’s SkyDrive public folder.

Download Free Office Document Templates

Download Office Document Templates
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You can also create your own template or documents in Microsoft Office online and share it. You will need to login to your account.

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