Download Free Matrix Screensavers for Windows, Linux and MAC

by on October 6th, 2009

I am huge fan of only three movies. One is Matrix (Others are ‘Lord of Rings’ and ‘Harry Potter’). If you ask me about TV shows, I would recommend you ‘Prison Break‘ and ‘Friends‘. Here I am recommending you Matrix screen Savers for your Operating System. Files are tested free and spyware-free. You can download matrix screen savers for Windows, Linux and MAC. For Windows, if the file is SCR, copy it to Windows directory. If its exe then just install it and browse screen saver window to customize its settings.

Matrix Screen Savers for Windows


Download The Matrix Screen Saver [239 kb]


Download The Matrix KS Screen Saver [1.60 mb]


Download The Matrix Code Emulator Screen Saver [323 kb]

Matrix Screen Saver for MAC

Matrix Saver

MatrixSaver is a screen saver for Mac OS X that replicates the screen effects of the motion picture The Matrix. MatrixSaver is the only Matrix-style screen saver that is fully compatible with Wallsaver, allowing users to display the screen saver as their desktop wallpaper.

Download MatrixSaver [389 kb]


A simple screen saver for Mac OS X which displays the same messages Neo received on his computer screen when first contacted by Morpheus. This is a VERY simple screen saver, with a very subtle Matrix theme.

Download WakeUpNeo [70.9 kb]

Matrix Screen Saver for Linux

Matrix GL is a three-dimensional screensaver based on “The Matrix Reloaded. For running it you need a graphics card with an OpenGL support.


  • Unpack the tar.gz file and place files in temporary directory
  • Run the console with root privileges and run matrix_gl with “install” option: ./matrix_gl -install
  • In “Control Centre” choose “Look and feel”->”Screensaver” and set the Matrix GL
  • Matrix GL requires freely distributable library Glut.

Download Matrix GL [261 kb]

Matrix Rain is a screensaver for GNOME and KDE, featuring the famous Matrix code. Matrix Rain can capture a video from your web-camera and display video like the “matrix-style” in real time.

Download tar.gz [28.20 KB]
Debian/Ubuntu DEB ALL (for GNOME) [32.80 KB]
Debian/Ubuntu DEB ALL (for KDE 3.5) [33.50 KB]