Download FIFA 99

by on June 29th, 2010

fifa 99 pc game download

FIFA 99 provides more teams, more ways to play, and more excitement. Season mode lets you choose from 220 clubs from the world’s top domestic league, while the European Dream League consists of Europe’s top 20 teams. Download FIFA 99 PC game.

fifa 99 pc game download

You can also create custom leagues and cups with anywhere from 2 to 24 teams. The moves are more realistic than ever, the gameplay is accurate, and players react faster than in earlier versions. Get on the pitch and take your team to glory. Music is provided by the Fatboy Slim.

fifa 99 pc game download

How to Play

Run Project64 exe file
File > Open Rom
Browse to Roms folder and select FIFA 99
Keys: Enter, A, S, D, Z, X, C, Arrow Keys

Download FIFA 99 PC Game

Download FIFA 99 (size:14.5 MB)
FIFA 99 – Demo – Installable (13.5 MB)

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