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by on January 9th, 2014

Escape Action Game

Escape Action is a free puzzle game. It is different from other puzzle game in many aspects. Escape Action comes with a story, in which player is a security expert specialized in testing the reliability of security options. The goal is to expose the weaknesses of prisons and escape without a hitch. The story further goes as being stuck in a secret house with mystery rooms and different floors. The player has to use his skills in order to break though the prison.

The player solve the puzzle, find hidden objects to escape and find out who trapped him. Escape Action is an interesting puzzle game where the player enjoys along with the brain exercise. Escape Action includes stunning graphics with 60 tough levels. It also presents 15 in-game achievements and the players get up to 100 coins as daily bonus. This game is certainly a must have for a puzzle games fan.

How to Play

Tap, shake and rotate your smart device to solve puzzle. Pick up hidden items and use them to find out the solution.


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