Download Easy Battery Saver For Smart Phone Devices

by on January 13th, 2014

Low battery sign is a universal problem for all smart phone holders.  It’s quite irritating when your phone stops working at the vital moment because of a battery run out. This app provides the perfect solution to the problem of high battery consumption. Easy battery saver is the smartest application which helps to conserve battery power. It boost up the battery life by displaying the real time data of your phone’s battery life. It will show the percentage of battery charge so that you can see whether you need to charge your phone or not.

Easy Battery Saver

This application will show you how much web surfing time, talk time, audio video playback time your battery is capable of performing with the present battery percentage.

The setting menu allows you to optimize power settings by adjusting screen time out, screen brightness, volume, data connections etc. Easy battery saver provides several power saving modes to increase your phone’s battery life.

Easy Battery Saver Modes

  •  General Saving Mode includes screen control, sleep schedule and basic network control for normal battery saving needs.
  • Intelligent Saving Mode manages eight different controls and saves more battery than normal saving mode.
  • Super Power Saving Mode regulates your phone standby time.
  • Advanced Customized Mode provides you more customized options which allows easy battery saver to control applications and regulate system settings.

Easy battery saver is available for all smart phones and even if you are able to charge your phone regularly it is worth downloading.


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