Download, Convert, Embed Videos From Facebook and other Social Media

by on May 30th, 2009


Here is the IE solution for downloading videos from perticularly youtube and facebook. For firefox there are many solutions. One is the popular Greasemonkey Facebook video script which is now a full-fledged Firefox addon that lets users download or convert Facebook videos, and embed videos outside of Facebook.

Solution for Firefox

This addon allows Facebook users to share personal videos with their friends outside of Facebook. Facebook had stated in its Video FAQ that “Users will not be able to export or download videos from Facebook.” This adds features that Facebook refuses to implement.

The download, convert video, and customize code links are added to Facebook video pages in an unobtrusive way. Also a box containing the embed code for the video is provided, along with a public link to the video at the bottom of the page. The download link is a direct link to the video file. The convert link leads to Zamzar where a user can convert the video to several formats and receive a link in an email to download the converted version. The customize code link opens a dialog to change the resolution of the embed code and/or select the auto-play option. Once the user selects “Update” the embed code in the box is changed to reflect the users preferences and the video will also be replaced so that they can view the immediate result of their changes. Besides on video pages, the links will also be place below videos on walls, feeds, and messages.

  • Direct link to FLV file so you can download video to your computer
  • Link to convert video to a format of your choice before download
  • links appear under video info
  • Embed code so you can embed any videos in sites outside of Facebook
  • Public video link found at bottom of video page
  • Download and convert links
  • Embed Code
  • links appear directly beneath videos on wall and in messages
  • A wizard that lets you customize the embed code. You don’t have to edit both the height and width. My script honors the aspect ratio.

Download Firefox Add-on to get started

Solution for Safari

Safari (Webkit) is the standard for a web browser. It is now available for download for both Winblows and OS X. The best part about Safari is that is has a small secret under the Window menu, Activity.


The Activity window shows all the current files that Safari has(is) downloaded(ing) (to display the webpage you are viewing) and sorts them by site. To download a specific file from the web, just find it in the Activity window and double-click. If you are downloading a video from Facebook or any other site, it will probably be a large file size and still be downloading when you view the Activity window. That should open up a new browser window and download the file. Then you can just save it to your computer.



All your favorite artists that place music on MySpace but have not allowed you to download the songs can easily be downloaded in a few clicks. You can download YouTube, Revver, AOL, Facebook videos, MySpace audio, and much more. [source]

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    try, they have features to download video from facebook and another video sites. They support to download video files in different video formats (flv, 3gp, HD, HQ, MP4 – depend on video sites)