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by on May 10th, 2009


Chelnov (Atomic Runner or Atomic Runner Chelnov – Nuclear Man, the Fighter, Fighting Human Power Plant) is a Japanese side-scrolling action-arcade game developed and published by Data East in 1988. The player takes the role of Chelnov, a coal miner who miraculously survives the malfunction and explosion of a nuclear power plant. Chelnov’s body gains superhuman abilities due to the massive amount of radiation given off by the explosion, and a secret organization seeks to harness those abilities for its own evil purposes. Chelnov must battle and defeat the secret organization using his new found abilities.


Previously I have posted Atomic Runner, but this version is the exact version which I used to play. It has original better graphics and better sound quality.


How to play

Run Mame32.exe
Press F5 to refresh – Click Available at the left side for available games
Run Chelnov – Atomic Runner (US(
Press 5 for coins couple of times
1 to start
Keys: Ctrl, Alt, P

File size: 12.65 MB

Download Chelnov – Atomic Runner

Download Chelnov – Atomic Runner

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4 Reviews

  1. rizwan says:

    its gud

  2. zain says:

    i love this game;))

  3. tariq says:

    download chelnov game

  4. Saadat says:

    i like it very much