Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Game Download

by on May 2nd, 2010

cadillacs dinosaurs dino game techmynd

Some people call it simply Dino. This game package is FBA version with easy controls and better quality. Download Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.

cadillacs dinosaurs dino game techmynd

cadillacs dinosaurs dino game techmynd

How to Play Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Run fba.exe
Game > Load Games
Select Game and Click Play

If you can’t find games there then use ‘Scan ROMs’ and ‘ROMs Dir’ buttons.
‘roms’ folder is at the root

Press 5 for coins couple of times
1 to start
Keys: Arrow keys, Z, X, C
Change controls from, ‘Input’ > ‘Map game input’ or press ‘F5’

File size: 7.61 MB

Download Cadillacs and Dinosaurs FBA Version

Download Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (7.61 mb)
Archive is locked. Password is

Download Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Mame Version

10 Reviews

  1. ankur says:

    my plzz help me out this game is not running on my computer as it is showing d3dx9_42.dll is missing from ur computer i have already reinstalled it but it is not running i m using window 7 plz help me…

  2. monu says:

    thank u for this game because it is my favorite game

  3. Ashi says:

    how can we make the option of unlimited guns power kindly tell me buddies

  4. Hiroshi says:

    @irfan: If not, you can make it run under win7 anyway…Use compatibility mode. Right click exe file and go to properties>compatibility>change program compatibility to winxp or any other version of windows OS…that’s it.

  5. irfan says:

    its work on 64 bit(windoo7,vista)??????

  6. Bobby says:

    How can i use my USB Joystick to play this game? Plz tell me.

  7. Anit says:

    how can i get the unlimited gun option? could u plz tell me. I m waiting for ur reply.


  8. piyushkund on youtube says:

    a very nice nice game in which you can change everything unlimited guns and unlimited power version this is a very gr8 thanks to

  9. rehum christopher says:

    i like this cadilacs and dinasours game very much haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa