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by on January 15th, 2014

Bad Piggies

Bad piggies is an addictive, challenging and extremely fun game which can grab your attention. It is an angry birds sequel game. Bad Piggies include some very maligned pigs which steal eggs to get their porky selves around the course and win engines, rockets and some other billows which help the piggies extend about the territory.

It contains some specialities and episodes which are:


  • Road Hogs
  • Field of dreams
  • Sand box

Bad piggies includes following Episodes:

  • Ground hog day- 45 levels
  • Rise and swine-45 levels
  • When pigs fly-45 levels
  • Flight in the night-45 levels
  • Tusk till dawn-30 levels

In the end, when Pigs fly, pigs find the eggs on their telescope. Later, the mechanic pig and freckled pig are chased and cursed by the King pig because the eggs on telescope were fake. In the end of Flight in the Night, the same happens again when the King pig tries to break the eggs with hammer but instead of the eggs the hammer breaks as eggs were actually the painted rocks.

The bad pigges are after the eggs again but nothing goes according to the plan. You can make the ultimate flying machine by using some of the objects pigs can use but they need your help in making the perfect transportation to meet their destination.

So,be ready to help the bad piggies in creating the flying machine and guide them safely to their destination.Download the game from links below


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