Aviate Android Launcher Helps to Manage User’s Regular Activities

by on January 25th, 2014

This application customizes your Android home screen by simplifying the items based on where you are and what you are doing. It is a context aware Android launcher having an intelligent capacity for automatic categorization. It administers, reorganizes and reconfigures information for its user when it is the most useful. Like many of other android applications, Aviate is gratuitous to use. Aviate is a free application, available for android only for now.

Aviate includes some new features such as weather forecast. It is a smart app in real terms as its smooth interface allows the users to observe a friendly and dynamic experience.

This app consists of three pages:

  • First page is of your current activity
  • Second page comprises of categories of apps
  • Third one enlists the list of apps you use

A wake-up alarm option is also available. It will bring weather update as well as remind your calendar appointments and scheduled meetings. While driving, it will help you to search for a way to go by providing you traffic directions. This app will facilitate you about knowledge of nearest location for which you are looking.

A restaurant of your choice can be searched through swiping down the space. It offers its users to modify their wallpaper according to their choice. It will make one feel one’s smart phone like one’s own.

At variety of locations, you can use your favourite app the way you want. The idea behind this app is to create convenience for its user to find information they need. It is somehow like previous version of Aviate (Alpha) but a difference is obvious. This new version streamlines spaces navigation and contains bugs fixes.


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