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by on January 15th, 2014

Now a days everyone wants to save all beautiful moments of their lives by capturing them in a camera. One click is a permanent way to save the moment one does not want to end, but every single picture is not as good as desired. But now you should not worry about the bad pictures as you can make them as eye-captivating as you want by using Aviary photo editor.

Aviary is a very poweful, comprehensive and non-stop photo editor which provides you a quick and smart way to edit your photos with no complexity, free of cost. It is a simple and firm camera editing application which was created as a rapid way to edit your photos in no time.

To make your photos even more eye catching and conspicuous, a number of photo editing effects can be added to your photos by Aviary photo editor. Basically these effects are a range of features that are applied to your shot to give them a very classic appearance.

Variety of stickers and paint brush effects are also provided if you want to add some fun to your photographs. Aviary really does provide a huge number of features and options to let u have fun with your photographs. Aviary includes the following features:

  • Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature and saturation
  • Color balance
  • Color temperature
  • Color splash
  • Create your own memes
  • Cosmetic tools: fix red eye, remove blemishes and whiten teeth
  • Draw and add text
  • Fun stickers
  • Focus
  • Gorgeous photo effects and memes
  • One-tap auto enhance
  • Sharpen and blur

You can make your photos beautiful in seconds by using stunning stickers, creative frames and filters, touch up tools and more. This app is available for all smart phones.


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