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by on May 6th, 2013


Today’s cyber attacks are designed to quietly steal data, without you even knowing your privacy has been compromised. So you need a powerful protection for your computer. Comparatively, if you want a free security software, new Avast 8 free version is all that you will need to be safe. Avast 8 free provides powerful protection against viruses and spywares. They have made improvements to Avast ‘behavior shield’, look and feel and ‘remote assistance’, improved the cloud technologies and the energy-saver settings. New UI is simplified and they have added a ‘software updater’ to easily keeping the user’s attention on all potential vulnerabilities. Avast 8 offers an optional ‘browser cleanup tool’ to remove annoying toolbars and plugins from browser.

Avast 8 is accessible and robust, with an impressive list of free features. Installation process is faster than before. Avast 8, includes several new features that directly affect your system security. Changes to existing Avast features include increasing the number of virus definition file updates per day, from 20 or so in the previous version to more than 70 per day in version 8. When running on battery on laptops, Avast will automatically disable scans until the device is plugged in, and the suite now offers full IPv6 support.

The free version of Avast is arguably the most comprehensive set of freely available security features on the market. Avast has more than 170 million active users. The antivirus, antispyware, and heuristics engines form a security core that also includes multiple real-time shields. Along with the new features, it’s got Sandbox for automatically walling off suspicious programs; a full complement of shields that guard against scripts, P2P networks, instant messaging, and potentially dangerous program behavior; a silent/gaming mode; on-demand boot scanning; and a healthy output of statistics for the data nerds.

Avast’s Sandbox, automatically places programs in a virtualized state when it suspects them of being threats. It walls off suspicious programs, preventing them from potentially damaging your PC while allowing them to run. As the program runs, the Sandbox keeps track of which files are opened, created, or renamed, and what it reads and writes from the registry. Permanent changes are virtualized, so when the process terminates itself, the system changes it made will evaporate.

Important Changes in Avast 8

  • Screen-reader compatibility.
  • Data Shredder tool now shows progress.
  • Improved stability/performance.
  • Fixed glitches in User Interface.
  • Software Updater improvements (including a way to turn off Software Updater permanently).

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Download Avast 8 Free

Download Avast 8 Free